• Type:RPG
  • Tags:Combat, Female MC, Rape, NTR, Prostitution, Pregnancy
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:10 Jan, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 651.mb

Zefira, a half-elf, and retired adventurer want nothing more than to support her husband’s fledgling writing career. But to do so, she’ll need to once again take up the risky, but the lucrative job of adventuring.​

7.75 (48) 12345678910
Comments to “Zefira”
  1. Anonymous

    Link is fixed (14/6/21)

  2. Anonymous

    Give me this game broken my heart :( …. where his wife was raped by her husband friend… ;'(

  3. Lynn

    Link down, please fix it !

  4. baymax

    link is down pls fix

  5. Gnughtcore

    garbage number 13
    DUDE i hate this type of game who fuck another man wife

    • Ancarga

      You either new or weak minded get out of here pussy bitch if you don’t like this stuff

  6. Zane

    For those that enjoy NTR, this is a solid 8/10. Good and clean looking arts, not google translation, the combat is cake walk easy. But it’s pretty short and limited for a 650 mb game. Just wish the opening cutscene isn’t 20 mins long
    For those that doesn’t enjoy NTR, why are you here then?

    • 69FapChampion69

      I was here to check tags for that reason. Many good looking rpg hentai games I find are all ntr. I only played 3, After that I started checking for the tag xD

    • Gnughtcore

      Fuck you dube

      • Ancarga

        Nah you pathetic worm gnight core piece of shit

  7. Elev

    Does anyone know how to access the 3rd ntr route- I believe its the church guy- i’ve never even seen him.

    • Noname

      Nah its not the church guy. It is her husband ‘s friend

  8. RPGMakerfan

    It’s NTR
    It’s a MV game
    But it have such great CG !

    Ahh shit here we goooooo ! again !

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