What a Legend! [Android]

What a Legend! [v0.4.01] [Android]

  • Type:Adventure
  • Tags:2DCG, Anal, Fantasy, Big Tits, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Milf, Male MC, Voyeurism
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:13 Feb, 2021
  • Platform:Android
Size: 361.mb
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The story is about a young man that goes to the biggest city of the realm to lose his virginity but ends up meeting a mysterious woman who sends him on an epic quest. A quest full of sexual encounters, unhappy housewives, beautiful damsels, comely magical creatures, and the chance to become a legend.​

7.17 (117) 12345678910
Changelog (v0.4):

2 new locations: woodcutter's living room, woodcutter's bedroom;
3 new characters: Hammerdick, George, Tree
7 sex scenes (all Myrtle): masturbation, blowjob, toying, vaginal (3), anal
3 new quests, including:
2 think quests;
1 craft quest;
3 hidden photo;
2 new beds;
5 new achievements;
Quality of life improvements:
UI clock;
Hidden photo hints in the album

Comments to “What a Legend! [v0.4.01] [Android]”
  1. Anonymous

    Please update game link…

  2. aa

    How to save the game? i always start from zero everytime

    • Anonymous

      drag your screen bottom to up and then it will open a tab then select load and it will load the scene then after you exit the game then come back later you can just load from there by clicking the load button

  3. sensei Hari

    Update the link mage removed it T_T

  4. sensei

    Art work is just next level

  5. Paterlizze

    Why does it keep force closing even though my storage is above 1GB can anyone help?

    • Anonymous

      Its simply because you need 4 gigabytes! Not 1 gigabyte. Delete some stuff and try again when you have much more space.

  6. xxHUNTERoo

    New updates pleasesss

  7. Rouben

    I like playing this game, it like my favorite game. I really like it story and I can’t wait for the next update.

  8. Read

    The download file is removed from mega , please provide with another download link

    • Anonymous

      No it is not

  9. Luluby

    the link is broken, pls some responsible, if you can fix it

  10. Mickel

    Please for more updates and more storyline thank you

  11. Arzu

    Pls pls give us a huge update. I played this 3 times it’s so awesome just wish it had more story and new characters pls give us update make it 1 gb if possible

  12. DOM

    I understand it has a comedy element to it. But the fact that 99.9% of Main Characters end up either as faggots or morons, tend to make it pretty frustrating and dull for gamers.

    The artwork and concept of the game is nice. Just wish it had more content as there is barely anything there to play. Not really worth downloading. Best to wait for the complete version.

    • Anonymous

      but the fact that 99.999999999% of the “reviews” you make on this site is always about the mc being a faggot/moron is indeed frustrating and dull.

  13. Thunderbolt

    More updates

  14. Mickel

    Please for more updates

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