Warlock and Boobs

Warlock and Boobs v0.334

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Animated, Big Tits, Fantasy, Incest, Male MC, Futanari
  • Original title: Warlock and Boobs
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Release date: 6 Jan, 2020
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 545.mb
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Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!​

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First Random generated dungeon for the hunt with Eric. When you enter the dungeon it choose three middle sections from the 9 possible variants, so the dungeon will look different when you visit it next time (27 possible combinations, 11 different rooms).

New monster-girl - busty elf. (can be met only on the hunt for now) She has no sex scenes yet.
Random rewards for the dungeons.
Small dungeon with elves for the hunt with Eric.
Ancient urn summons a ghost girl when activated.
Futa spa update. Visit it at Saturday evening.
Super small quest with Elizabeth Darkwood.
New skill for lvl5 (if your save file is old, use the books on the Krowly's table in his bedroom)
Krowly can meditate to change the time of the day, lower the lust level, and restore some mana.
Fully grown plants on the field now gives you a chance to gather more ingredients every day.
Most likely, a lot of bugs :D

New pictures:
Topless Jill
Busty Krowly variants for Jill's anal scene
Back view variant for Jill's anal scene
Juliette paizuri (+2 variants)
Elizabeth Darkwood facial scene (+ cum variant)
Naked Jaina (+ hard variant)
Variants of Krowly's masturbation scene with Eric

What’s new:
Gardening system. Gathering plants in the wild you have a chance to get specific seeds. Those seed could be planted on the field near Krowly's house.
When you work on the field and watering the plants it's growing. And after 4 days you will get a full grown plant with 100% chance to get the ingredient.

New pictures:
Carla paizuri (+2 variants)
Carla covered in cum (+topless variant)
Astra handjob (+2 variants)
Jenna blowjob (+8 variants)
Jill anal scene (+1 variant)
Updated pictures:
A varaint of the Eric+Jaina illustration without Krowly
Small fixes of the most of Astra's illustrations

New scenes:
Carla paizuri
Astra handjob
Jenna blowjob
Jill anal scene (this scene has several additional lines in dialogues, depending on what Krowly already achived)
Jaina training Eric

v0.331 Hotfix
What’s new:
New quest! If you finished succubus summoning quest, talk with Sebastian or Carla.
New character - Elizabeth Darkwood.
Slime girl scene is now animated.
New "slime repellent" potion. Use it and slimes will avoid you for a while. Check the slime cave to find the recipe. You still can attack slimes.
New "boobs potion". Guess what it does? :D Yes, Krowly now can grow boobs during gameplay, not via cheats. Use it again to get rid of boobs. Learn how to make this potion during the quest.

New pictures:
Fina's gangbang;
Fairy big belly variant;
Cumshot panels for scenes with Carla and Juliette;
Elizabeth Darkwood (+ topless variant);
Krowly and Melissa;
Krowly fucking slime (edit).

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    Is there any android version?

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