Vis v0.5 [Android]

Vis [v1.4] [Android]

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Fantasy, 3DCG, Incest, Corruption, Group Sex, Animated, Anal, Blowjob, Male MC
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:11 Jul, 2021
  • Platform:Android
Size: 687.mb
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You are the prince from the royal family that rules the newly formed Colonia. Your father, the king, has the kingdom on a tight grip, holding power until the last drop of blood is spilled. Embark on the adventure that will shape the known world and beyond, while carrying the burden of a dynasty that is destined to follow you even in death. Every decision you will make will represent the pillar or the downfall of your empire.
Forge, kill, corrupt and rule.

6.36 (73) 12345678910
Changelog (v1.4):

- New story content.
- First part of the sandbox, implemented. This contains the economic engine, day/night cycle, edicts, brothel, and the army management.
- Introduction to the first courtesan. Her name is Julia.
- Fixed a bug related to one of Liliana's scenes.
- Status now has visible values.

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  1. Vikram


  2. Lisa


  3. Kira


  4. Elizabeth

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  5. Lisa

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  6. Trlsander

    Is there a way to save progress in Sandbox? Because for the past few days I’ve been having to hope it auto saved at the right time when I close the tab on my phone.

  7. Somegoodshit

    Some good shit

  8. Anonymous

    Broken link

  9. Anonymous

    If only it was like summertime saga where you could move freely on the map and go around I think it’s called open world where it doesn’t say game over when you zero the game

  10. Ali

    What instrument does he mean? Please help

  11. DOM

    Would have preferred a more dominating MC with harem route. But looks like it’s too much to hope for from most of these game creators. All in all though this game is not as bad as the millions of others out there. Just too bad it’s incomplete.

    I give it a 6/10.

    • Anonymous

      boo-hoo, nigga

    • DOM

      Shut up nigger

  12. Raff

    What is the music instrument name? Plz someone tell

  13. Ploom23

    What the fuck. The story is cool, but out of nowhere the game ends. I wasn’t very far and made basic decisions that would have led to the same point. I tried changing things, but the same thing happened. It was good until this.

  14. Daffy

    Can’t enter MC name, used normal keyboard and gboard but still doesn’t accept the name.

  15. Sasank

    I want to play

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