Trapped on Monster Island

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Female MC, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Tentacles, Rape
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Release date: 3 Oct, 2019
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 266.mb
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Forced to work on a passenger ship as a servant, Eris finds herself praying for a way out of her situation. When one fateful day, she finds her prayers answered, the results are not what she bargained for. The ship is unexpectedly struck by a powerful storm, causing it capsize. The next thing she knows, she awakes on a mysterious island. What brought her here, and for what purpose? Eris must begin exploring the island to find out. Features: Classic turn-based RPG Explore a mysterious island Battle monster to become stronger Gather seeds to power up

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Comments to “Trapped on Monster Island”
  1. Random Bun

    I feel stupid, this is my first RPG and i don’t know how i get to sleep in the third screen..

  2. Kaitodragon

    Why can’t I save the game

  3. Koi

    link down xD

  4. Heski

    i cant seem to find the minotauras

  5. civil42

    This game is a bit unconventional in design. you must have a partner to do about anything in the game, so when you start out you’ll find the beast your with pretty weak and unable to deal with most random encounters. however killing enemy’s isn’t how you get stronger mates, you have to breed them. So its best toget on your back and get breeding!
    leveling up your womb doesn’t take long, breed with a male 3 or 4 times and pick the best one out of the bunch and then breed with them 3-4 times to keep getting better stats and skills. once your Beast has a good set of skills and maybe 1k-2k health your ready to go out and find more partners, to do this you have to defeat them at their homes, once you take over their territory you can then start breeding with those males.
    You can breed with them anyways by getting gang banged, but you can’t soul bond with them. it does still give your womb exp and unlocks abilities but its better to just take over the nest.
    outside the beast nest is a pig beast that will sell you seed or a map, get the map by giving him some babies! this makes getting around the world a snap!
    from here on out its just exploring and taking over all the monster camps and collecting the shrine orbs so you can teleport there.
    To beat the game getting a high level tantacle monster or slug…gen 30-40 should work depending on breeding level. they should be able to recover and their water abilities can do status effects and damage to the guardians…paralyze works really well.

    The love nest can be used to quickly create offspring, but you don’t level your womb. this sounds bad but this is really good for preserving your lines as each creature has a life span. so when they get close to death you can make a few from each race at a rate of 2 offspring a year instead of one. Very handy end game where you have ALLOT of monsters to juggle. So use the love nest to quickly restock your blood line then go back to normal breeding to keep leveling up your womb!

    Doing so for each race also unlocks special abilities which you can use to boost your partner in battle, so make sure everyone gets a piece of that ass!

    • polandball

      yo thank you for faq mang

  6. Blue Screen

    Every girl is born just to get fucked and breed. The only law of a girl should be to open her legs when somebody wants to fuck her.

    • Hautr

      That’s completely true. sign, +1.

    • tommy W

      omg can you read my mind? that is exactly the same what i thought. i am living with my mother and 3 sister and have a hard-on the whole days. i dont ask for sex but they could help me release some stress -.-

    • Paradox50

      whao, but that concentration of geniuses and philosophers, demonstrating how very pathetic their lives are haha

  7. DukeFiskenIX

    When I tried to unpack the file from .7z to .zip it just says something like “An undetermined error has occurred. Detail: Arg_NotSupportedExeption.”
    That was by using the program (in windows store) called 9z, I even tried using this website:
    But that didn’t help out at all.
    So Admin, can you maybe fix this problem?

    • DukeFiskenIX

      Fuck it, I just bought it from steam…

    • tommy W

      Just use winrar. Never heard of anything like 9z -.-

  8. Blue Screen

    Hmm don’t know what I did wrong. That program told me to restart my pc and now everytime I try to start it I get a blue screen. What did I did wrong?

  9. 100% Trojan

    At least try and not make it an exe lmao

    What kind of a retard would actually download that

    • 100% epic

      ok this virus is epic

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