Ritaania no Seirei Tsukai -Meikyuu o Yuku Mono-

The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labyrinth~

  • Type:RPG
  • Tags:Fantasy, Magic, Tentacles, Combat
  • Original title:リターニアの精霊使い-迷宮を征く者-
  • Length:10 - 30 hours
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 833.mb
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The stage for this tale is the Ritaania Kingdom, a kingdom that has enjoyed continuous peace for 500 long years.

One day, a portal which linked Ritaania to the demon world wherein dwelled vile monsters appeared.

If the portal was left unchecked, monsters would invade Ritaania and the kingdom would be destroyed.

However, a similar portal appeared 500 years earlier and a certain hero came to the rescue of the beleaguered kingdom.

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Comments to “The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labyrinth~”
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  2. Helen


  3. Diana


  4. Mary

    😋Girls for one night 😋 – http://wepo.ml

  5. Maria

    😋This game is hardcore!😋 – https://bit.ly/3Kmsejv

  6. Ragnarok

    Awful game. No idea how good the H scenes are because it’s so nasty to play I got rid of it after half an hour. Horrible interface, 80’s dungeon crawler gameplay. Hideous. It also perpetually writes out an error log that thrashes SSD’s so beware of that. 20,000 lines in 30 minutes is taking the piss.

  7. Zhari

    so many tentacle scene’s X3

  8. Hesaidwut

    the gameplay is pretty similar to sakura dungeon, EXCEPT, the fact that u have 5 girls, and u cant unlock all their h in one go.

    After u got a girl relationship status to lvl 4, no one else can get it, so u can either replay the entire thing, or u can have separate save for each route

    on the plus side, U Dun Have To Kill Urself To Get A H Scene

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