The Language of Love [Android]

The Language of Love [Android]

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Romance, Male MC
  • Length:2 - 10 hours
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Platform:Android
Size: 137.mb
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After his mother gets into an accident, Tanimura Mitsuki has to put his life and education on hold. He lives with his parents in the sleepy countryside for five years, helping them run their humble family business — while the rest of his friends leave home, and leave him behind.

When Mitsuki finally leaves the nest, he’s twenty-three years old, and woefully behind with his studies. If he wants to get accepted into university, he’ll need to re-learn everything he was taught during high school, and then some.

Mitsuki moves to Tokyo to attend a rigorous cram school, with the hopes of passing his university entrance exams next spring. He soon finds, however, that his other classmates treat him like a social outcast, being the oldest at his school by far. It proves impossible to make friends, and Mitsuki consigns himself to an isolated, lonely existence…

That is, until he meets the single mother, Himuro Kyouko, who just-so-happens to live in the same apartment complex as him.

Mitsuki offers to help Kyouko babysit her daughter, Tama. Kyouko, in turn, helps Mitsuki study for his upcoming exams. Over the course of a year, the two bond — first, as friends, and then as something more.

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Comments to “The Language of Love [Android]”
  1. Anonymous

    What a great game really loved it romance was great, storyline was great very very good mate it shows so much of reality of today’s life and its struggles and act of true love amazing I’m really flattered to find a great game as this well done you did good devs

  2. Kabilo

    This game is awesome and it teaches a lesson u should always believe each other wen u in a releshionship

    • Anonymous

      A hentai game teaching a lesson. Oof.

  3. LuaVague

    Wholesome game! It’s worth to check it out

  4. Based pooper

    Great game

  5. Dom

    I will never be able to understand the Japanese fetish for having male main characters being either complete morons or faggots, or in this case both.

    The fact that it’s so common and appears in 90% of their animes is worrying..

    All in all, this is a pretty boring game/story about a faggot.


    • unXpected

      Moron or faggot? Damn feminist shut your trash mouth karen

      • Issei

        Danm you eoke and chose violence

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be so serious. This is a hentai game. We are all degenerates. We shouldn’t fight amongst ourselves.

    • Anonymous

      God this guy has no life and no other insult he has so much time to critique games I doubt he probably seen a real life vagina fucking moron get a life you loser not everyone is here just for the sex scenes and stories to fill your retarded and pathetic desires

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