The Fortress of Carnal Lust

The Fortress of Carnal Lust

  • Type:Action RPG
  • Tags:Animated, Big Tits, Combat, Female MC
  • Original title:Juuyoku no Jousai, the Fortress of Carnal Lust
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 76.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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The story starts as an adventurer sneaking into an ancient castle in search of treasure.
In the ancient castle, she is violated by magical beasts, and enters a deep sleep.
When she awakens, she finds her soul has been separated from her body.
If she can’t find a way to remove the beast’s curse, her spirit will diminish, and eventually disappear.
Time is of the essence, she has to hurry. She must fight for her life!​

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Comments to “The Fortress of Carnal Lust”
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  3. Monica


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  7. Anonymous

    The link is dead

  8. BIG Howizer

    the fokin link got take down!

  9. LatiozzX

    What app is needed to download after i download the zip?

  10. Lester

    Verry nice game

  11. Aseret

    I liked the concept of the game, so I tried it out. The game ran smoothly enough but, with all the on-screen tips you couldn’t bother to tell the player how to open the stupid menu? I pushed every button on my keyboard and didn’t find it, so I couldn’t equip anything and as a result died shortly after the prologue.

    2/10, game design is nice but will NOT recommend because of lack of information. Also, the instruction booklet is useless.

  12. GodVidarr

    This game is crash

  13. LazarusCreed

    I like the concept of the game and the buttons are easily remappable with “settings.exe”. However, the screen breaks for me every time a pop-up appears, like the menu or the image when I fall below half HP. It becomes unplayable at that point for me unfortunately.

  14. BIG Howizer

    This game is really fun actually. Yes, It might be a bit confusing of how the fuck keybindings are in this game, but it’s really fun to play. I don’t really like gigantic anime tiddies but the character kinda attractive i guess got me think twice about it. Give it a try like.. Why not? It’s only 56.MB

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