The Curse of Kubel

The Curse of Kubel

  • Type:RPG
  • Tags:Big Tits, Combat, Corruption, Female MC, NTR, Rape
  • Original title:The Curse of Kubel
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:24 Jul, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 868.mb
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Southwest of the Capital City of Asserya lies the mountainous commercial region of Kaldesta where a mysterious archaeological site was recently discovered there.

However, an earthquake swallowed up the city and split it into two. Now the area is divided between north and south. And many adventurers travel there now in search of treasure.
There is news of a curse that starts infecting the adventurers. The Magician’s Guild catches wind of this, and sends young apprentice, Magetano, to investigate.

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  1. xgamex


  2. Catrin


  3. Anonymous

    You guys know there is a vanilla version, right? Like, when you go to the cabin, instead of being raped by that brat, there will just be a guy from the Mage’s Academy waiting for you there to give the instructions of how to deal with the Forbidden Tomes. There will be no sex scene and, at the end, the child will be white (That means it’s actually Cero’s child). See? No NTR. Happy Ending, everyone’s happy.

    • Anonymous

      shut up cuckboy

      • Anonymous


  4. Laura


  5. Helen

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  6. Betty

    😘The most addictive sex game ever!😘 –

  7. Stephanie

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  8. Juicy

    Another good website :

  9. ななし

    The link isn’t working X-<

  10. Anonymous

    I think you are struggling pretty hard with the mega policies. A humble suggestion is to change the folder’s name beofre you compress it and don’t name the compressed .rar file so explicitly. I see a lot of other sites using numbers to replace certain letters/shortening the name/etc. Personally I know not if it works or not, but it is worth giving a try……?

  11. S

    New link please

  12. missunfortune

    ntr is to much for me, well fuck the backstory is nice but man this make me sad that I cant avoid it, I better of don’t see the backstory instead so I cant enjoy myself without feeling bad

  13. Anonymous

    link is broken

  14. Anonymous

    Link is dead

  15. Name? What Name?

    Link is dead; mega is trash.

  16. Dera

    File is gone

  17. Mercy4

    As you probably read from every other comment game is heavy NTR. Art and the scenes generally are amazing. Can and will probably get monotonous after a few runs in dungeon cuz it needs a lot of time. If NTR and not an issue I suggest playing this game.

  18. HaruDk

    Dead link plis repair

  19. HaruDk

    dead link

  20. Epic

    helppp how to get many ending(s) , and i cant enter the back room at inn

  21. ya

    “Ignorance is bliss” is probably the only phrase I can say to those looking to play this game, but hate NTR. Art’s incredible, “combat” is unique, and the game itself is very fluid.
    NTR Analysis: I didn’t think the NTR would be THAT in your face, but it was. I thought there was some way I could ignore it like with reading a doujin, and you probably can by ignoring the characters, but I failed to do so. This game really makes sure that you understand just how netorare works, and it’s no holds-barred. Even though you’re in the seat of the Female Protag, you really want to cheer for the wimpy male protag even if he’s useless. However, that’s only if you actually pay attention to the story. That’s why I say “ignorance is bliss”. Ignore the story and NTR is somewhat negligible, also maybe skip the first sex scene after skipping the intro to help keep the thought from sticking.
    The art is really good, and I think the only possible way to ignore the NTR part is to skip the intro because you’ll become attached to the characters. Unfortunately, I can’t reset my brain to forget the attachment so I won’t be able to make myself play it anymore, but prospecting people should keep in mind that detachment from learning the story is probably the best way to avoid the NTR.
    The art is honestly really good. Like dang, that’s nice. If I could avoid the story attachment, I might’ve been able to play more, but I just feel guilty. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Epic

      helppp how to get many ending(s) , and i cant enter the back room at inn

    • Mob

      thx fot the analysis :))

  22. Aatroxneko

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    Unexpected identifier


  23. Anti-Projection, Fiction is Fiction

    The game itself is less of an RPG and more of a game of tag/action til you reach a certain part of the dungeon.
    You get punished for moving too much pointlessly and you when you hit monsters. Depending on the conditions, it push the plot into different story branches/endings. If you’re aiming for a certain ending, keep this in mind.
    Also, be sure to stock up on potions whenever possible, as there will be times you will need to go through enemies.
    “Surprise attacks” are pretty common when you change floors, so be sure to keep on your toes when going for the stairs.
    The game also provides instructions on the game mechanics (some of the RPGMaker games tend to just throw people in), making it newbie friendly. So be sure to read them
    As for the art, its pretty decent.

    Overall, a pretty nice time waster. But DO keep in mind of the tags, in case the theme offends you (you can probably just skip em and just play the game, especially if you enjoy games that requires a bit of reflex and risk management)

  24. Passerby_Man

    why every time I download some of the WinRAR it goes corrupted, damaged, unknown format???

    • Anti-Projection, Fiction is Fiction

      Strange, it’s working on mine. Try downloading again and make sure your connection is stable.

  25. Grimes

    I now am very very sad.

    I didn’t know what NTR was until today. So, to make sure no one makes the same mistake as me… NTR is a genre in which the significant other is forcibly taken away from the one they love and essentiially corrupted, or ravaged… willingly or unwillingly. In this case, unwillingly. So for those like me in which having someone take your girl is a sensitive topic, please avoid this game.

    • IncestIsWincest, tho I prefer imoutos

      Shhh, don’t say reasonables things here or on any other game/manga/hentai… with NTR, the NTR apologists, edgy incels most of them, will try to make fun of you and tell you how much of a puzZzy you are, oh, and how macho they are for liking that genre. So, just don’t play/watch things with the NTR tag, it’s the only way.

      Thx to how the society is right now just expect them to multiply, also, don’t hope for corona-chan to “cleanse” some of them, 90% of NTR fans weight will help them to not get infected, you can’t get infected if you can’t move from your house, right?

      • Anti-Projection, Fiction is Fiction

        You call them edgy incel when you act like one yourself, thinking of corona for “cleansing” (because a game no less),. That’s pretty pathetic. Also don’t project too much, seriously, how did weight correlate with corona? That came out of nowhere, even you pretend it’s joke.
        Also Grimes, as well as other people, use the tags if you can’t handle the theme and research first before going into something. Just be careful next time.

    • dark

      yeah bruh ntr is fucked up…. cant say i hate it but nor do like it either. Anyways most guys are fucked up or are just emotionless when it comes to games or something virtual (like me). Anyways yeah thanks for giving a warning for people who dont know what that is… Dont scar yourself for life.

  26. Soulhee

    Did you all See the Tag : NTR ?
    If don’t like NTR. Don’t Touch Download Botton.

    • Oiccrene

      This isn’t NTR, this is just shitty rape story where rape is used as game mechanic. It’s infuriating.

    • missunfortune

      i dont see it, i basically just search for rape tag, I enjoy being the girl mc and seeing them get fuck but if they tell us childhood story like this and force the mc to ntr, it get to my heart to easily and I cant finish the game

  27. AloeVera

    It’s just some unavoidable NTR shit,with one of the most irritating and annoying npc ever created.
    Even the “best” ending is NTR.
    The only “good” thing is the masturbation scene,but it’s basically the same fucking image for the whole game.
    Please don’t waste your time with this.

    • bo

      best ending is also NTR route? what a game
      i basically play this game, hearing their childhood story, thinking its a good game
      suddenly the MC got raped……..
      game can go die, uninstall

      • thicc99

        can u read the tags b4 deciding to play the game u retard

      • gildedphoenix

        You can read the tags before, but there’s nothing of sorts to indicate that this is a game where NTR is unavoidable, not only that it tries to take the whole tank full of NTR to get some scenes. This is the outrage.

  28. Oiccrene

    This game is making me physically hate the author. Fuck them. And fuck this game. Forced rape and whole game mechanics based on getting fucked by rapist? Who thought of making this shit.

    • gildedphoenix

      A beautiful art getting rekt’d by forced NTR rape full of content. Very smol pp moment.

  29. big

    Can’t even enter the mayor house lol.

  30. Omegalul


  31. Acrdash

    The way it handles text is annoying, almost all the other games like this let you go back to check on passed text though a log of some kind. Once you pass some text here, you can’t go back.

  32. aaaa

    i agree unavoidable NTR sex is really fucking boring no matter how good is the story

    • ragnarok

      NTR is meaningless in a female MC game. Unless is upsets you when some NPC gets cucked.

      • gildedphoenix

        It gets boring when you build an hour long character development with a character that’s surely the favourite of the MC but becomes a plant for the rest of the game just to justify NTR, and on top of that every GOD. DAMN. TIME. she had to specify she wants her fave’s dick while getting fucked royally by a rapist jerk.

  33. bo

    unavoidable NTR sex? sorry but no matter how good is the story or the developer, this game is shit for me

    • wwww

      so just leave from here bastard

    • unknown

      NTR makes the best hentai. You don’t know what you’re missing. Not only that, it’s a reflection of the modern world. Deal with it.

      • Lovelia&Riria&Juli_sucked_my_bus

        Why I would want to fuck a slut in a game if I can do that IRL?

        Also, I don’t mind NTR, what I do mind are the pussy ass MCs who QQ when the slut gets fucked by some n1gg4, if they were me I would fuck the slut and the retarded who fucked her and after that date someone else, but no, they become more pathetic. I’m not into masoquism or humillation to enjoy that kind of thing.

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