Succubus Rem (Erotic RPG)

Succubus Rem

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Fantasy, Prostitution, Female Protagonist
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 287.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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Rem is a young succubus, just born. She’s kind of picky when it comes to food, she would only suck the life off of those young, vibrant men. She learned her way of life from her ancestors, and since on a crusade against all living things in the end. So, will she end up the most fearsome devil? Your damage will increase when SLv is up, so as endurance up when MLv up. New skills will unlock as the your level goes up. So choose wisely how you proceed.

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Comments to “Succubus Rem”
  1. Name? What Name?

    link is dead.

  2. xxevor09xx

    Is there uncensored patch?

  3. Ragnarok

    H scenes are missing, all I see is text.

  4. wjdwlsdud4282

    Failed to load: audio/bgs/Blow%20%20series%2006.ogg

    • Wooz


  5. MasterFlint

    If your game don’t work, open files .rar, ctrl+e and set 932, then extract files

    • alex0520

      I don’t understand.
      Tell me more about it. Pleaseeeeee

      • pigvin

        You just do what he wrote, in order. Open an archive in winrar (can’t help with any other of applications used for this), press ctrl and e, it’ll show a context menu when you click on 932 (Japanese is mentioned after the number) and press Extract to to extract the file.

  6. BIG Howizer

    Uncensored patch? or something?

  7. luap

    Why is there no picture during sex is my game broken or the game itself is just text while having hscene

  8. yl!JmpkSBjZ!NAp31f2ua4pL34BtuxvBmFc91OZ6vWqU-vQohqUxEDs working link with files not gibberish

      • lazybum963

        Thank you kind friend.

      • sum1

        Ummmmm, the game would sometimes get error after certain scenes from the link provided by yl. How do I fix it?

      • sum1

        Only fix I do so far is by re-launching the game. But then again, the errors persist when I replay the scenes.

  9. Hentai-kun

    there’s some .ogg file not working…

  10. ben

    still can’t run the game…even after setting to japanese …failed to loading

  11. Evasion


    • Evasion

      ! C:\Users\Evasion\Downloads\Succubus Cannot create Succubus Rem\www\audio\se\?x?b?g?¦?p?+???¦?|?+?B.rpgmvo
      The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
      ! C:\Users\Evasion\Downloads\Succubus Attempting to correct the invalid file name
      ! C:\Users\Evasion\Downloads\Succubus Renaming Succubus Rem\www\audio\se\?x?b?g?¦?p?+???¦?|?+?B.rpgmvo to Succubus Rem\www\audio\se\?x?b?g?¦?p?+???¦?_?+?B.rpgmvo

    • ramdanganronpa

      yep. try setting your local in japanese version and restart again.

      • Eli

        The problem is with the files, not the local. The files inside of the zip change the Japanese to gibberish making the game unplayable because it can’t find the files.

      • Eli

        Wait, nvm, there is the unicode tutorial below the download button, that should fix it.

  12. Eli

    Corrupted files. Can’t even start

  13. chiisana

    more eng rpg please

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