Star Paizlar ~ Aratanaru Bokki

Star Paizlar ~ Aratanaru Bokki

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Big Tits, Group Sex, Tentacles, Bondage
  • Original title:スターパイズラー2~新たなる勃起
  • Language:Japanese
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 305.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

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One year after the battle at the Space Fortress Asstar ……
Led by Dark Paizler and Lori Emperor Sexia
The threat of the dildo empire was getting bigger.
In this state the universe is ruled by the dark eros!
Yabeyou Yabe … I’m no use anymore, I’m done ……

A Feri-Night boy who has grown to study
Ruth Skabefucker
Departure to break the empire’s ambitions!
Do your best Ruth! You are the last hope! Maybe.

Battle fuck game with the enemy heroine who manipulates mighty Dark Eros.
Erotic deployment even if it wins or loses.
Could Ruth save the dark-worn Iris?
(Google translate)

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