Sphilia's Familiar

Sphilia’s Familiar

  • Type:RPG
  • Tags:Combat, Group Sex, Male MC, Rape, Prostitution, NTR
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Release date:16 Nov, 2019
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 306.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

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A modern day unemployed man gets summoned into another world by a magic girl and causes all sorts of trouble as a sadistic familiar in this perverted fantasy RPG.
Disregarding the noble order to stop the demon lord from resurrecting you rape your master and the enemy female subordinates…
Soon our young protagonist will know the true reason he was summoned.​

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Comments to “Sphilia’s Familiar”
  1. xgamex

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  2. Nicole


  3. Erica


  4. Evie

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  5. Karen

    😉The most addictive sex game ever!😉 – http://wepo.ml

  6. Kathrin

    😇The most realistic sex game😇 – https://bit.ly/3Kmsejv

  7. Lynn

    i thought it was a Mega :(

  8. player

    how to get cross to the city near the church?

  9. HetaLover

    How to get to the noble rooftop in Laoda?

  10. F

    How do you get the particular outfit after lubing the rusted gate?

  11. dan5454

    how do you get the demons lord ending?

    • Tinax

      you need to finish game in normal route.. go to demon castle and find DEMON LORD’s throne…
      there will be Two Options that will given to you (select ”join demon army” or something like it)
      you need to choice right one to get demons lord ending
      you need to fight Sphilia to reach the Demons lord ending so be sure that you prepared good consumable

  12. Jimmmy

    Ok, BTW, this game doesn’t have a really ”good” end like that:

    -in one the MC kills the demons, bang main girl for days… but he must go home leaving main girl alone, foevah.
    -in the other he becames the Demon Lord and defeats the main girl… he conquest the world, etc… and converts main girl in demon, tries to impregnate her but she is for sure already pregnant from other guy because she fucked all Asgard before the MC detroyed it…

    So yeah, THIS GAME IS WORTH PLAYING IS YOU ARE INTO NTR AND THAT STUFF… because, vanilla and that shit, you will not find it here, for that, play Gran Ende II.

    • Unknown gamer

      You wrong
      They have secret ending when MC back to the real world 4 demon girl and heroine following MC back to the real world and they have s*x
      *sorry i have bad english*

      • Tinax

        also there are a CUCKOLDING ending that you never want to encounteer :D

    • Misl

      Thank you for the information. I almost fell to that trao

  13. furg

    broken link

  14. Blackisshh

    The link for this one is broken as well

  15. jello4433

    why is this in uncensored category?

  16. Velax

    Guys i need help, iam stuck.
    I opened the gate with the lube from the chruch.
    and i need to talk to ” that ” man
    i spoke with the homeless man. it said. i need the wear an particiualer outfit.
    i got the bikini outfit. but i cant get her to wear it. please help.

    • Yehova

      used skill on your mc ,help to put the bikini on

  17. Sandro00

    Did NG+ still missing 8 cgi… any ideas? Sad that there is no option to unlock all after game finished.

    • Sandro00

      Oh, nvm, there is also “good ending” and it unlocks all.
      BTW great game!

  18. Tinax

    Guys… As a Veteran weeb … don’t start cuckolding route don’t start cuckolding route I just warning you guys!
    just finish game as Demon lord ending to make yourself feel better. Damn I hate ugly bastard tag
    imagine you have 5 beatiful woman who loves you much and a ugly bastard come over and rape them ALL DAY LONG!!! I hate this ! and he defeats you take’s your place fucks your woman’s all day long he makes them pregnant and continues fucking ! just… as a tip DON’T START CUCKOLDING ROUTE
    DON’T START CUCKOLDING ROUTE!! I almost Cry for this gme!

    just play at normal ending and demon lord ending use cheats to have fun but doN’t start cuckolding route
    you will feel bad! Please. Trust me don’t go Gadel’s Mansion after capture 4 of all elite four.
    you can continue main story line without it.

    • sikontol

      thanks anon

    • Traxy

      So what exactly happens in the demon lord route? Revenge against the world?

  19. SPGZK

    uhmm where to go after u find out bridge to demon king castle is broken in asgard?

    • Tinax

      dude go to Church at snowy place they will give you a Quest to find a man where he lost in ice cave
      jump down the Hole and he will be there take him back to church and Done they’ll give you a orb if I can remember right

  20. Sif DaWolf

    Can anyone tell me where the lubricant is for the gate? Can’t seem to find it for the Melchior planes section

    • sawibu

      how you unzip it so it wont lose voice data?

    • SPGZK

      its when u have done the quest in church reward in melchior

  21. poop

    So is this machine translated or did a real translator work on this?

    • Napu

      It’s the legitimate translation. I have not seen many errors in ENG language on this copy.

  22. Social Injustice Goblin

    What a cute and pure girl…

    It’s …


  23. SpartaKus

    galerie complète ??

  24. sawibu

    there is so many missing audio, how to fix it?

  25. ZatchHEggplant

    how about put an “ugly bastard” tag for something like this, because fucking hell its hot to see someone as pretty and clean as her to do it with a gross fat man like that.

    • Social Injustice Goblin

      Ah-ah-ah. Rule 15: The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it. ;)

      • Tinax

        I will wait you at hell, Rule 15 I know I will go to HELL so I will wait you there

      • Lerkin

        Nah, NTR is just japanese gross otraku wet dream: “Doesn’t matter if you don’t get isekaed and became the MC, even if you’re a gross obese stinky dirty old mob character you can always steal that beautiful waifus from the MC because reasons! Keep belivin’ fam!”

  26. DukeFiskenIX

    how about put an “ugly bastard” tag for something like this, because fucking hell that’s disgusting.

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