Shoujo Dominance - Sharing a Bed with My Precious Daughter

Shoujo Dominance – Sharing a Bed with My Precious Daughter

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Big Tits, Male MC, Incest
  • Original title:少女ドミナンス -独占欲の強すぎる愛娘 玲奈-
  • Length:< 2 hours
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:21 Jul, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 600.mb
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Love blooms as Reina goes searching for the right person, only to find out that love has always been nearby. When her friends ask, ‘What kind of person is your ideal type?’ the first figure that comes to mind is her father. Reina wants nothing more than to have somebody who will cherish and protect her. “I’m sure he already knows what I want… so why won’t he just do it?”​

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    JeSuS ChRiSt, why did my paragraphs not properly space out!?!? Fuckin hell, I am so sorry guys…that is a horrible thing to see, let alone read. Sumimasen!!!!!


    • AnonFapper

      God forbid if I ever do another review, I’ll keep it as short and sweet as I did with Gyaruzuma Sex. I got too zealous, I’m sorry!! It’s enough to make me wanna commit seppuku! TT__TT

  11. AnonFapper

    Well, my last review went over okay so I thought, why not? AnonFapper, back at it again! (Except that I did this at like 3am and I was too tired for the fapping.) I’ll be putting more effort into this one for the people curious about studio, artist, and whatnot, and I wanna give the people that worked on it their due. Two hours of gameplay later and here we go! (I don’t get paid for this, it’s 3 in the morning and I was bored so this is gonna be riddled with a bit more ridiculousness than the last one, so enjoy you degenerates.)


    Studio is monoceros +
    Localization is courtesy of Jast USA
    Artist is Hinazuka, whose popular works have made their way into quite a number of H-games
    Reina Akashi’s (the heroine) voice is courtesy of Kaname Shirotsuki
    Bonus: Game is uncensored! Whoo!!

    Art: 8.5
    Plot: 7. Nothing too crazy, pretty tame and vanilla. No hardcore stuff here, so move along you freaks.
    Music: 6. Very small selection of music.
    Super affectionate, honor student daughter that adores you. “Look at me as a woman!”

    Now, let’s be honest, if we’re playing eroges then the last thing we’re gonna look for going into them is some mind-blowing plot. And you won’t find anything too outrageous here, I mean besides some father-daughter stuff but if you’ve been in the world of hentai long enough then — c’mon, you’re on this site so of course you know of the craziness that hentai can reach. Incest is amongst the more tame categories.

    But what I did find interesting is that you follow both character’s POV from the get-go instead of having to unlock it. It will switch from between you and the girl, though not very much as the male is still the predominant one, and each scene transitions with a title card that is Konosuba-esque. In total, there are 10 scenes and the game goes by pretty quickly (mind you, I’m a fast reader and I made very liberal use of the ctrl key. It’s in the wee hours of the morning and I’m a bit beat, couldn’t even beat my meat to this one because I was trying to stay focused for this review. Will return to do so later because damn, that art). The moment you start the game and choose your name, you are immediately greeted by an H-scene that is from her POV, after which it establishes the setting and returns to your POV as the MC.

    Shoujou Dominance follows the standard eroge VN gameplay. There is a girl, there’s a bit of plot, and then there’s sex with said girl. You are a single father, a widower (your waifu is dead), raising an affectionate daughter that you would give the world for.

    Her name is Reina Akashi. (There’s an option to change what she calls you ingame, but I’ll touch on that in a seperate bonus point down below) She’s the perfect girl in school and at home, and she more often then not takes care of you, such as prepping meals in spite of you trying to be the adult for her sake and constantly reminds you of your deceased waifu, her mother. And BOY is there a moment of comparison.

    She loves you almost a bit too much, and as per typical cliches, the girls in her class ask her what her type is. Her first ideal type is–100 points if you can guess it. Got your answers??–you, her father, and it triggers a bit of an emotional turmoil in her as she’s afraid of her friends finding out, though they almost nail it and leave her quite flustered. Then once she’s at home with you, she hints towards it but the conversation shifts to her future and university, triggering this seperation anxiety and she talks about how she doesn’t want to leave you alone and be away from you, in a desperate/pleading, tears in her eyes kind of way. “Just say that you want to be with me…That’s all I need!”

    There’s a sudden gap in her usual affectionate, cuddly behavior and she becomes gloomy which concerns you, and thus begins the very short eroge journey of bonding and smex that happens pretty quick actually. Cue second the anime classic must-have of being in the bath and her walking in! She confesses her feelings as a woman and wants the snu snu! From here on out, it’s all the smex.

    In regards to the “route” options that is prevalent in eroges, there’s not a lot, and there’s not much of a difference between the choices. There’s only one major sequence in which you are given an option and of course, it changes what h-scenes you get and what goes in inbetween all of the mattress mambo. BUT MAN–the endings are drastically different in tone, and one makes you wonder what the hell happened inbetween to get there, despite the dialogue that sheds a bit of light on what happens. Nothing bad or depressing, mind you. The game is overall very vanilla, if taboo (but who cares about taboo in hentai? I know for a fact you don’t if you’re here). You want to know how and what happens? How are they different? Go play it and find out for yourself. And rub one out for me cuz I was too tired to do it at the time of writing this.

    Now, a side note that I think is worth noting, monoceros + did put a bit of effort into some smaller details into the game that I have to commend them for doing, even if it doesn’t contribute too much overall.

    The first is that you have the option to change what Reina calls you by; the options being either Papa or Otou-san, aka Father. The localization labels the option as either DADDY or Father and translates the dialogue as such in spite of the VA’s lines.

    The other detail, again nothing majorly game changing, is the option to toggle Reina’s glasses on and off. Both options do change up the feeling of the game just a bit, if only to help cater to certain people’s preferences. But I personally quite enjoy small additions like such and applaud them for taking the time to implement that. Both options have a dedicated corner at the lower right corner of the screen and can be toggled in real time instead of having to option the Config, so you can see what she’s like with her glasses either on or off while you’re engaged in the dirty dance. Toggling the DADDY/Father option will also have her repeat the dialogue with the change reflected so you can hear the difference.

    Overall, I can recommend it. But only if you have no problems with the incest, father+daughter scenario. (You’re on a hentai site, so I highly doubt it. We’re all here for the insertion of a salami into a honeypot.)

    The game follows a vanilla tone, and is short and sweet to play. Hinazuka’s works are a personal favorite of mine. The music fell a bit short for me as there’s only 5 songs of which you can listen to in a dedicated BGM mode right from the start. And again, the game is uncensored so it gets bonus points from me. And since I enjoyed it, I bought it to support the company, because I’m a good degenerate that supports people so they can keep producing stuff. (15 bucks. There’s a limited edition that’s a WHOPPING 130 bucks, which I obviously didn’t get because good ol Corona–not the beer–made my company decide to lay me off) Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go get some rest. Enjoy, fellow fappers.

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      holy shit dude your review is longer than the actual game lol

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    is it worth play this? if its like usual eroge VN then nope

    • AnonFapper

      You have a father and a daughter that wants him to look at her as a woman and they have sex, simple as that. Game is short and sweet, nothing too ground-breaking. But the art is good.

      • nOSTAlgIA

        cool :)

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