Shera and the Three Treasures

Shera and the Three Treasures

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Animated, Female MC, Combat, Rape, Prostitution
  • Original title: Shera and the Three Treasures
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Release date: 14 Dec, 2019
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 903.mb
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After the rise of a new Demon Lord, it falls on the chosen hero from an ancient bloodline to stop them. However, due to a curse cast upon him, he must pass the task to his sister Shera. Now she must gather the Three Treasures, and defeat the Demon Lord.​

7.06 (34) 12345678910
Comments to “Shera and the Three Treasures”
  1. bo

    where to get valkrye saber

  2. Kodiak

    Is this version nude patched already ? Patch from Kugura wont install due to not being a steam version, which is shit. Is there a work around?

  3. Aatroxneko

    When they mention that “God” at the end when you clear the game it means i have to play again or i have to wait for the 2nd part?

  4. Yup

    Game tells me I can turn around on the spot without moving by holding R but it doesnt work. Anyone know how I can fix this?

    • Yup

      nvm you hold W and then press an arrow key in the direction you want to turn.

      • Nadia

        Thanks!! I was wondering this myself!

  5. graved

    when i gamble in the bar in the slum pub to continue the story the game crashes, any workarounds?

    • Social Injustice Goblin

      Which version of the game are you playing? 1.02 ? 1.04? 1.06? If you download the game in the early hour of the release, there was bugs. (1.02) 1.04 and 1.06 are updated/patched/bugfixed of the game.

      The game here is in the 1.04 version. (I download it now to make sure I didn’t say bullshit)
      If you want, you can find the game in 1.06 on F95Zone.

      • Social Injustice Goblin

        Normally, you just need to copy and paste your save file from 1.02 or 1.04 in the the save file from 1.06 and you don’t have to start from zero. :) Enjoy!

  6. lenu

    So, after the barman gave me info about demons, I go to a forest near Jabreaux and I am stuck at the entrance. Am I missing the obvious thing to do?

    • lenu

      nvm you need to be equipped with the basic sword and then investigate around

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