SaDistic BlooD

SaDistic BlooD

  • Type: Visual Novel
  • Tags: Gore, Rape, Female MC, Group Sex, Yuri, Gangbang
  • Original title: サドブラ
  • Length: 2 - 10 hours
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Release date: 21 Oct, 2020
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 622.mb
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The Vampires Yuna and Shizuha come to the island city of Chisakura hoping to find refuge from the relentless pursuit of Vampire Hunters. However, it turns out that the Hunters are already lying in wait for them. Will the Vampire duo escape the Hunters’ trap and live to see tomorrow, or will they meet a fate worse than death…?

The two Vampires travel Japan together, evading the pursuit of Vampire Hunters in an attempt to live out their undead eternity in freedom. On the fateful night of their arrival in Chisakura, the full moon shines down upon the duo, intensifying their Vampiric impulses. The two attempt to slake their thirst for blood while remaining unnoticed.

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Comments to “SaDistic BlooD”
  1. KahbeNator

    I’m not going to lie… The music in this game is good as fuck

  2. Gregory

    Why I can’t open the game I extracted it but app is not there

  3. Maverick

    Awesome game. Interesting story and characters. Good scenes. But if you don’t like gore, stay away, lot of the scenes get pretty extreme and graphic. Personally I ejoyed it a lot. Got the real ending too, it’s really good story-wise. Actually, if you go directly the real ending route, you don’t get any gore scenes at all, but you also only get 2 scenes in total if I’m not mistaken.

  4. oppai is life

    Hi everyone,
    Firstly i apologize if my english is bad but i will try my best to write in english
    If possible i would like to have some help about an issue that i got
    When i try to open the game i immediatly got an error, saying that the game can’t launch because MSVCP140.dll is missing.

    I did try few way i found online that can fix the issue,
    Like update windows but didn’t have any update to do (i use windows 8.1)
    Unistall and re-install the last Microsoft visual c++ 2015-2019 redistributable (x64) and reboot the laptop
    And try to download install the file MSVCP140.dll separatly and directly on C:/Windows/System32

    but all method i try didn’t work and still have the MSVCP140.dll issue when i open the game

    Can someone will be able to help me and resolve this issue please?

    Thank you very much for your help

    • nator

      try updating directx version

      • oppai is life

        I did update to the lastest version but unfortunatly it didn’t work. Thank you I appreciate that you spend some of your time to read and answer my post

    • Vrithon

      Have you tried putting the file in the game folder?

      • oppai is life

        Thank you very much my savior, my hero i love you (friendly of course n_n)
        Thanks to your help i manage to fix the file issue
        I am really grateful to all user who did take some of their time to kindly help me.

  5. Vrithon

    Any recommendations similar to this?

  6. Ksama

    Would like a walkthrough of this. Currently searching but i think there is none. Just need one more bad end for true end I think. It’s a turn off but I just want to see the true end in my pov.

  7. Tinax

    I’m fine with blood and gore but not with ugly male charecters :D

    • Anime sensei

      It requires password.
      Can somebody tell me the password

  8. BurnDhouse


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