Ruins Seeker

Ruins Seeker

  • Type:Action RPG
  • Tags:Big Tits, Combat, Female MC, Tentacles, Group Sex
  • Original title:Ruins Seeker
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:29 May, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 441.mb
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An adventurer named Quem is the first person to step foot inside Heaven’s Ladder in 500 years. But not long after, she’s cursed by a strange, shadowy monster. Now she must reach the top of Heaven’s Ladder, and hopefully, break the spell​

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Comments to “Ruins Seeker”
  1. Juicy

    Another good website :

  2. Someone

    Yare yare daze…

  3. Please

    Please fix the link.

  4. baymax

    link is down pls fix

  5. cnasncdaiscn

    can anyone recommend me english side scrolling action games pls

  6. a person

    why i cant load game after i save and leave?

  7. Wlafy

    It has a generally nice story, some juicy animations and i liked the main mechanics of the game, pretty fun to play, i wanted a yuri scene thought

  8. jacob

    This game worked perfectly fine for me, loading and saving. the scenes are decent and the story is good and fluid for a hentai game. the combat works better than most hentai games. combat in this is like an 8/10. if anyone knows games like this one please reply. Hentai gallery is unlocked half way through the game.

    • SpeedWegun

      A similar game should be coming out soon called “Chevalier Histoire”. Personally played the Japanese demo and it seems pretty good

  9. Maw

    Alot of whiners commenting on this site lately.

    imo this is game of the year for dungeon crawler hrpg category.

    i started playing for the faps and finished it for the plot and feels.

    • Nemo

      but can u load ur gameplay tho? I played through chapter 2 but the fact that I cant load the progress makes it so that i dont even wanna play anymore

  10. Nemo

    why cant I load my save? I made sure i saved my progress but when i got into the game the second times it didn’t give the ‘continue’ option

    • a person

      same think happened to me

  11. Hans

    For a game with h-scenes… It’s already got heavy stories such as The Chivalrous Thieves already. I have high hopes for this.

    • Shirou Avenger

      Stop whine you noob.

  12. Social Injustice Goblin

    Lolisbe Lew Dedmucho … There are not all like that… it’s simply that you don’t search correctly… And if there is so much of this kind, it’s because there is more people wanting it than people who don’t want it… The “market” adapt itself to the customer…

    Vanilla fag are boring…

  13. Social Injustice Goblin

    Keybord + Mouse OR Gamepad Xbox ==> need the mouse to aim when fighting/using weapon.
    Unavoidable rape at the start.
    H-Scene only on defeat.

    • Social Injustice Goblin

      You know, now the important things. I don’t count anymore the number of time people saying they were disappointed by unavoidable rape at the start or H-scene only on defeat.
      No system to reattribute key bidding touch. So the mouse is an obligation for the fights! And kaybord for the deplacement!

      Or you can use a Xbox gamepad.

      • wtf?

        quit whining noob

      • Lolisbe Lew Dedmucho

        It’s a shame that all RPG eroges are like that, rape, gangbang, fm mc, lesbians… it’s like they are made for coomers or something, welp I guess I will still play games and play eroges as something not related, what a lucky smol diks this coomers doing both at the same time… *sigh*

      • Social Injustice Goblin

        “wtf?” I’m not whining… I simply state the gameplay mechanic for people. Before THEY came whining about the gameplay “Keyboard + Mouse” obligatory… it’s always the same thing… Always someone to come whining about gameplay or unavoidable rape or H-scene only on defeat.
        Well, there is also every time a dumbass with only 2 IQ to come and say “stop whining noob”…

      • Sak

        Ignore the person saying you are whining. He obviously has comprehension issues.

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