Oshioki ~Gakuen Reijou Kousei Keikaku~

Oshioki ~Gakuen Reijou Kousei Keikaku~

  • Type: Visual Novel
  • Tags: Harem, School, Big tits, Group Sex, Bukkake, Defloration
  • Original title: 懲罰指導 ~学園令嬢更性計画~
  • Language: Japanese
  • Censorship: Censored
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 2291.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

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My name is Shimohei Joutarou. There is a reason that I’m here, at my new place of work, despite the fact that the school year hasn’t started.

On that first day, I almost immediately came across Mitsuki’s and Minami’s secret. I then heard about Mahiru, younger sister of Classics teacher Kuji Hinako, and the astonishing improvement of her grades. I then discover indications of Hinako’s backdoor maneuverings.

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  1. Miles

    It says the folder was deleted. Reupload please?

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