Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime [v1.0] [Android]

  • Type:ADV
  • Tags:Animated, Male MC, Romance, Corruption, Incest, Rape, Ahegao, Anal, Milf, Harem, Pregnant, School
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:19 Jun, 2021
  • Platform:Android
Size: 1.75 GB
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You live in Mistbury, an apparently normal town where you live an apparently normal life with your family. However, you’ll soon discover that this place hides some deep dark secrets and things can heat up very fast…

6.96 (441) 12345678910
Changelog (v1.0):

Rebecca, Aiko, Lauren, Judie and Iris content
870+ new images
45+ new animations
7500+ new lines of code
Several new music tracks and sound effects
Other fixes

Comments to “Once in a Lifetime [v1.0] [Android]”
  1. wtf

    Watch lewd cartoons and anime at Z-TOONS.COM

  2. Your the boss

    Na paka Ganda Ng larung ito pota!!!!!!!

    • unknown

      hahahaha manyakol amputa minus 10 ka langit

  3. Fed

    uhhh, hey guyss… can anyone help me with my math’s homework??

  4. Dave

    I love this game, i love creator, f*cking masterpiece! i even laughing at some scenes (this guy MC is like me, i found my “Doppler”) the girls are very pretty, the most beautiful…. story amazing, a mysterious Cult topic? you got it! The Stabby Mike? it’s my best bro ever! … i can feel that end is coming (I’ll finish it whit pain in my heart, because this game is to good, to be finished) and i will play eternum. this game is 1000/10!!

  5. l1rz

    i really liked the plot of the game

  6. Sarah


  7. Hexer

    Insert horror tag please. This good game has several welldone nightmare fuel in it.
    Hscenes could be better, but the story and groping around it get you hooked.
    But why is the MC so ugly?

    • Hexer

      Its as good as House in the rift guys. 9/10

  8. Erica


  9. Gh

    Why all attacking dom .my bddy is just writing his oppinion . U can just swipe and try to dont read his comments . And about game the story is very good and animations etc . I reccomend this.

  10. Wadrty

    Good game, but the end was pure trash, you cannot pass the TV Show and then you die

    • Nigger

      You can pass the TV show,if you switch your character different times.

    • Anonymous

      tanga ka kasi bobo

  11. Sarah

    😄Do you want to see girls without clothes?😄 – https://bit.ly/3Kmsejv

  12. ShingJ

    This game is overated if I would rate it 10/10
    I even played it a couple of times, dam this game is good. This game really deserve an episode 2 though hope the dev realize it that it’s a waste just to leave it in ep 1.

    • William

      I definitely agree

  13. UnderDog

    Men I played this game like a thousand times, but I don’t really like the ending part though when you got to choose only one person to be with, this game can be upgrade to next level of you know like full graphic animations, all of the interactions, UI, except the SX scenes its good, like the way they do or move or even the scripted undressing for example. Wish this game has a next chapter but hey I’m very excited about the next one Eterium. Thanks dev great work.

    • William

      You can choose to be with all the girls when the good traitor was about to die and trust me you will get a great ending.

  14. Anonymous


  15. Yoooo

    If you liked once in a lifetime dude you should check out eternum its the same author and lit scenes

    • Yoooo

      Im not a fucking bot i just really love their new game im tryna boost it’s popularity so they can get more patreons

  16. Jacob

    Is there a way to get Rebecca?

    • ur fav daddy

      Don’t take the grimoire in the chamber.

  17. Anonymous

    I’ve already download it and it’s not installing bruhhh

  18. Anonymous

    Where is the second part of this game

  19. super-idol的笑容都没你的甜八月正午的阳光都没你耀眼热爱 105 °C的你滴滴清

    guys, stop asking for updates, the game is already finished.. and btw this game is very good, nice plot and scenes and pretty rare to find, highly recommended

  20. zyke

    this game is good, has a great great story and sex scenes 10/10!!, looking forward for Eternum!

  21. Juicy

    Another good website : otomi-games.com

  22. Nooooo

    Best games ever..I hope the games creator will make part 2

    • Dave

      hell yes! i agree with you!

  23. heinkhant

    what is the password bro

  24. Jack

    Excellent game! I almost forgot it was an adult game. 10/10

  25. TRD

    This was fucking amazing. I was just looking for porn with some story but this is the single greatest experience I’ve had from and porn game. The story wasn’t flawless but it made up for that with so much humor. The porn itself is also fucking top notch from what I’d expext for find on a mobile device. It was very clear that the porn was mucj higher quality later in the game as it was also later in development but that’s just a nit-pick about sound. The whole game you could feel the thought and effort that went into this and I’m so glad that finally tried it.

    P.S. Stabby Mike is a fucking saint

  26. Jhd

    Am stuck at the hospital I don’t know the code

    • William

      32084… I think

  27. Sk

    At least make MC LOOK GOOD after see main character I feel like shit (huge shit)

  28. MrManiac

    Great game with a great plot.Best games ever and worth checking out if you interested in games with good plot.10/10

  29. Anonymous

    Recommend to play

  30. Anonymous

    Very good story… I was so focused on story i fogot its a adult game

  31. Stillwater

    Actually a pretty nice game! I mean not just the pron here is some good shit, it’s also hilarious and has a decent storyline all for a pron game lmao. The developer definitely worked hard on this and loved doing it too.

  32. Anonymous

    Updates plsss

  33. zzz

    one of my favorite adult game.

  34. Anonymous

    Yea it’s really once in a life a time
    Even though he say the MC is moron DOM gave more than 5 rating

    • Z


      • Z

        That’s the first thing i check about a game what does DOM has to say

  35. Imy

    Damnnn!!! I love this so muchhhh………..10/10…u will not regret it

  36. Someguy

    Best game around 10/10

    • :0

      Same here 1 of my top 5 porn game

      • Anonymous

        can you tell me what are your top 5 recommendations for porn game?
        thank you!

  37. DOM

    It’s actually a pretty funny game, mc is a moron but it’s done in a comical sense so it’s still not that bad to play as him. Just wished we could use some of his answers without losing points with the girls cause they are hilarious. Good story, good graphics. I’m giving it a 7/10. Hope to see the full version soon.

    • TeddyBearSolid

      Not a single person gives a half a shit about your stupid-ass opinion on these games. I swear to God, seldom can I fucking click on a game without your fucktard nonsense infecting the page.

      “Stupid MC this! Faggot that!”

      Get a life. Get a job. For fucks sake, expand your goddam vocabulary!

      You act like you think your some sort of famous porn critic. Nobody gives a shit, you fucking idiot.

      • Anonymous

        it does seem like you are coping or seething, mayhap both sir

      • Jupiter

        Dom is a fucking incel. Mf thinks women are supposed to bend to his will. He’s prolly a fat greasy virgin cuck in his mom’s basement.

    • Anonymous

      DOM is a fagot MC that seems to think his ideal game is the only thing to compare to. Just seems like he hates all MC’s that remind him of his pathetic self

    • Anonymous

      Yeah? maybe next time you can also tell us how many times you ejaculated on a game in your next review DOM. Honestly that probably would make some people laugh instead of hating on your ass.

    • G

      Woah Gents. Let’s not use virgin as an insult. Because we are all on a porn website. 2 people are here. Virgins who are lonely and guys who don’t get none.

  38. Hyrule Master 69

    Broken App

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