Newton and the Apple Tree (Uncensored Version)

Newton to Ringo no Ki

  • Type: Visual Novel
  • Tags: Animated, Romance, Fantasy, Exhibitionism, Defloration
  • Original title: ニュートンと林檎の樹
  • Length: 10 - 30 hours
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 3.53 GB
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Protagonist Syuji Asanaga and his childhood friend Yotsuko Utakane, while tracking down Syuji’s missing grandfather, unexpectedly ended up traveling through time to the 17th century, a time known for exciting advances in scientific discovery.

What they witnessed upon their arrival was the presence of a single girl right in front of them.
This particular girl would go on to be dubbed as the father of modern-day science, Sir Isaac Newton!

That’s correct, Newton turned out to be a small, flat-chested girl!

Unaware of this, Syuji loudly crashed into the apple tree right in front of the girl.

“You do realize that I was just on the verge of making the most groundbreaking discovery, don’t you!?”

It was at the moment our main couple traveled through time,
right then and there, that Newton discovered universal gravitation!

And just like that, through Syuji’s witless conduct, the great scientific discoveries of that century had all crumbled to ashes. What’s more, like the domino effect, this would gradually end up altering key points in history.

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Comments to “Newton to Ringo no Ki”
  1. nasus123

    I can’t open the game. Help

  2. Pureshine

    steam gets in the way, how do i stop this??

    • Wooz

      exit steam before launching. if it doesn’t solve it, check for the emulator inside the folder

  3. Keshen

    Can’t download the file is protected can anyone recommend me an alterntive site where you can download h-games?

  4. EroKuro

    This game is really good, well… In somo routes at least, in others the love just appeared like oxygen, but the whole plot and it was really interesting, especially the first part of it.

  5. Weirdo

    yo “Island” is out can you guys crack it?

  6. AlexeiDinoia

    This seems to crash a FUCKTON…

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