Netorareta Mama wa Suki Desu ka? ~Kyouiku Mama to Kateikyoushi~

  • Type:Visual novel
  • Tags:Netorare, Milf, Pregnancy, Big Tits
  • Original title:ネトラレたママは好きですか?
  • Length:2 - 10 hours
  • Language:Japanese
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 471.9 MB

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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Circle Hei Tei is the appearance of the 2017 autumn new work!
A friendly husband and a clever son. For “Matsunami Kaori” family is an irreplaceable treasure.
Happy days everyone envies. But …
A calm and happy life also begins to change little by little with something.
The reason – to have a family tutor attached to my son.
“Kaori” which slowly relieves mind against “He” that is reliable as a tutor.
From an intelligent and attractive young man, it is seen as a “woman” who is neither a wife nor a mother ….
And · · · Once asked?
While showing off as a serenity, the heart of a cool educational mother shakes.
A married woman who thought her family was the best treasure · · · Became a “young man” Onna!

Before the first start, delete the file (gsave00.dat in the game folder) otherwise there will be crashes. Sex scenes can be played back and viewed in the main menu after passing.

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Comments to “Netorareta Mama wa Suki Desu ka? ~Kyouiku Mama to Kateikyoushi~”
  1. Ezzeh

    I have a question: Is it normal that the H scenes are in the menu (that the developers have done so) or is it a bug?

  2. god

    this game is bugged , i was holding enter for over 30 mins and not a single sex scene lol. what is this, family simulator?

    • Ezzeh

      The scenes appear in the menu option to the right.
      It’s very weird … I don’t know if the game is like that or something fails …
      The H scenes should be in the story instead of on the menu … So the thread of the story is lost …
      This download weighs 471 MB, but there is another one that weighs 700 and something. Download the 700MB version thinking maybe that version was fine with H scenes, but it’s the same …

      I really don’t know what’s up with that game.

  3. Corona21

    Link is broken

  4. toni

    delete the file but I still don’t get the H scenes that I do

  5. Alex

    I don’t see the scenes H

  6. chan

    game not work

  7. lollipop chainsaw

    im getting confused on this game i tried the all combinations of paths but it seems i can’t unlock the other scenes

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