Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!

Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Ero Mahou Gakuen!

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Nukige, Group Sex, Animated, Bondage, Harem, Male Pr.
  • Original title:もっと!孕ませ!炎のおっぱい異世界エロ魔法学園!
  • Language:Japanese
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 2.20 GB

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

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The protagonist’s Mr. Takumi Kitaji (Takumi Kazuya) is a web site of the erotic novel of the net “Do erotic novelist! A student who posts a different world erotic fantasy novel.
In the future I was scouted to major Erolanobe publishing company and skipped Million hits and I was immersed in a bathtub at home dreaming of sweeping the erotic world.

“How long have you been in! I am stupid!”
Sister who aims to be an erotic cartoonist for his elder brother who is immersed in hot water while thinking of a plain forever is bad, because he brought the bath temperature to MAX, The bathtub runs away, causing a big explosion.

A voice to ask on the other side of the white light.
The feeling that the body falls at the exit of white light becomes stronger, and it is only possible to leave yourself a flame kitchen arrow.
“ぬ ぉ お お っ”
falling into the hot water, flames kitchen arrows soaked in hot water again while raising the water column gently.
However … … It was quite different from the bath at home that I had soaked up to, and moreover, the surrounding girls who were unwarped at one point were facing the flame kitchen arrows.

“Well, it’s heaven or here!”
Even so … All the girls with big boobs are all about breast-feeding everyone ….
Suddenly when the fire bowl arrow suddenly thinks of such a thing, the magic team starts suddenly.
And at the next moment breast milk began to spew from the boys of the girls.
“Uooo Oh”
I also Tsu or magic to be able to use!?
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  1. harsh

    it says “the link is unavailable due to users violation of TOS” or something maybe just for me ?

    • jack


      • jack

        if you scroll down and go to contacts maybe you can email them about it

  2. harsh

    vndb have a better desc here :

    The protagonist, Takumi Kazuya, is a contributing author to the erotic light novel website [Let’s do erotic novels!], where he writes erotic fiction taking place in another world. Soon after, he was contacted by a light novel publisher and his work reached a million hits. He sat back in his bathtub thinking of his erotic novel world.

    “How long are are you gonna be in there? Dumb brother!” His younger sister yelled out to him as he was thinking of his novel. The bath temperature was elevated to MAX and there was an explosion.

    He heard a voice across the white light. He soon fell out of the white light to the other side.
    Kazuya had arrived in a different bath in a new location, surrounded by a bunch of surprised girls.

    “Is this heaven?”
    Every one of these girls had gigantic boobs. It’s like milk was just ready to come bursting out of them. As soon as Kazuya thought that, a magic square came forth and the girls’ breasts started shooting milk all over. Could he now use magic? Screams of surprise filled the room.

    In the women’s hot springs of a parallel world Kazuya was now reborn. This is just like in the erotic light novel that he had written. He now realized his erotic desires work as magic on girls!? It’s time to conquer this other world with ero-magic!

  3. Jason

    I will download this game in a hot second if an English version is ever released!

  4. gamer

    do i need to download both files?
    and when i download both files it say the .rar on is corupted idk why help?

  5. Dualswordcrater

    Damn it all, I would kill for an english version….

  6. chingvoon

    what password it its?

  7. Nekopub

    Will there be full English translation?

  8. Ninjanoto

    is there a english patch?

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