Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets

  • Type: Visual Novel
  • Tags: Big Tits, Harem, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Urination
  • Original title: 牝犬孕ませ母娘丼
  • Length: < 2 hours
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Release date: 21 Sep, 2019
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 725.mb
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Sexy Kaede passed her best features to her tsundere honor student daughter Ayane.
Meanwhile the world has gone upside down in a panic over the declining birthrate,
and “you” are the official owner of these near-relatives-cum-breedworthy dog eared bitches.
Sex of all kinds is OK. Take mommy and daughter to the park for an X-rated walk.
Make your pets howl in gapefaced joy in the kitchen, on the street, at school.

It’s a little bit bestial, a little bit incest, and completely legal!​

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Comments to “Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets”
  1. deadlink

    the mega link is dead can someone reupload it?

  2. kek

    Dungeon of Erotic Master eng by rusimarudou plz?

  3. RegisFennec

    Hello everyone! Are there administrators here? I have a question, but I can’t contact them in gmail by unknown error. So I must write my question here, I guess. I’m an adult game developer, I wish to upload my game on Hentaigamer. Are there some uploading procedure and requirements?

  4. BIG Howizer

    I’ll start with the cons first…
    Cons: No option to disable mouth animations
    -Over Sized breasts. (Like 4 5000Kg bombs ready to explode any time. I prefer normal sized breast, C is ok with me but i wouldn’t mind D)
    -The stories…. It’s really bad… the H-scene is just spontaneously, out of nowhere. Like normally you gotta reach to a certain point or do something to acquire those scenes. Just one day and *boom* the two girls are yours, Like.. seriously?? What’s is the point of trying to accomplish something rather than having it serve to you?
    -Wasting time (M8) wasting times….
    Pros: No, there aint any pros about this shit. 6 or 7$ on steam is just NOT worth it, i don’t give a damn about this achievement on Steam. Fuck. NO
    Am I being too hatred about this game? Yes, The game is just read the story and that’s it. Tropical Liquor is more interesting than this shit. I know TL is a RPG game and this is a VN game but this game was made by a same Dev and TL has somthing interesting to play. Why couldn’t you just translate TL to make this game??? Loca Loca’s Love: A Cute Room Mate has the same concept as this game, “Just Read The Story” and it doesn’t even have any kind of option to change the game route but the Story and Character design and Stories are just even more Interesting and more Enjoyable to play. Wouldn’t recommend this shitty ass “Game”

    • OMG

      Tags: Big Tits

      You dont like big tits, dont play the game -.-

    • Drago206

      Your dumb asf whining over mouth animations and big boobs

    • Drago206

      I didn’t even bother reading the rest of your shitty review (which it is) after reading your useless whining over mouth animations (which y would you want to turn it off) and you whining over big boobs (the big tits tag is right there dumbass learn how to read next time) plus why are you whining over big boobs they’re awesome you’re just a hater.

  5. CumSlut

    If you have a daughter its pretty normal to deflorate and make her your cum slut.

    • kek

      ye just normal everyday thing xD

      • k

        ok that’s pretty epic

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