Netorase Game - Kashidashi Tsuma, Mayumi no "Netorase" Houkoku 2 Binkan Tsuma to Hitotsu no "Uso"

Mayumi’s Cuckolding Report 2

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Big Tits, Group Sex, Netorase
  • Original title:貸し出し妻、真由美の“ネトラセ”報告2
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Release date:12 Jun, 2019
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 1.18 GB

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Kashidashi Tsuma, Mayumi no Netorase Houkoku 2 Binkan Tsuma to Hitotsu no Uso

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  2. Anna

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  6. AnonFapper

    Hoo boy, is this one a doozy. If it wasn’t obvious already, it’s the sequel to Mayumi’s Cuckholding Report. NTR haters, beware of these two titles. In light of my last fiasco, I’m keeping this one much shorter.

    Courtesy of: Atelier Sakura
    Pubished 2019
    Art: 8
    Music: 8
    Plot: 7

    This secondary release follows about a year after the original game’s ending. MC wants to try NTR play again. He and his wife, Mayumi, go to a swinger’s club of sorts where she suddenly sees a strange man and begins to act weirdly. She gets cold feet and they go home, and thus goes the game. Shinkai Satoru from the first game also returns. This isn’t like Gyarozuma where the wife stays loyal and commits to her husband in spite of his NTR fetish.

    Unlike the first one, Mayumi is much more proactive her sexual pursuits and fully commits to the act of cheating on her husband with the said stranger; her former friend from university. And not only that, we get some revelations about her past, which changes the perception of her character quite a bit. And it’s not just once. The game gives you the option during her POV to CHEAT or stay loyal, and in the end, you have the option (upon reading through the developer credits) to either forgive her or not, which will impact the ending scene. Plot-wise, it’s not bad. There’s more of a gut-wrenching feeling as Mayumi is acting rather odd and looking forward to her “date” a bit too much and you just KNOW something is going to happen and ultimately leads to a sit down.

    As always, you unlock her POV after playing through it once. Unlike the first game however, you don’t have access to them right away at the EXTRAS and must play through the story again; this time selecting her perspectives when given the option. This game really sheds some more light on her personality that we never see much of in the first game (unless you played through her POV then). Instead of a wife that succumbs to temptation, it’s more like she’s been a sex addict all along. You’re best experiencing it yourself. So if you’re going to play this one, might as well play the first to get the full experience.

    Note: Again I do feel the need to point this out for those weaker of heart and mind, stay away from this one and it’s prequel if you hate NTR in any form or fashion. It will be torture upon you, you’ve been warned.

    • NoOne

      what are you ? hentai expert? XD

    • yuu

      XDDDDDDDDD pro

    • anon

      Perfect review. Said exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you kind sir.

  7. trong

    this one can be considered an improvement from its prequel. the story development is quite exciting. though the plot isn’t that all new but how the story was narrated and how it aroused you can easily make this a great hentai. the choice to make it real NTR is quite fulfilling too. only pathetic weaking can’t stand this. overall 8.5/10

    • anon

      I’ve seen you in other sections talk about ntr haters being “pathetic weaklings”. I’m as much of an NTR fangirl as anyone but going around calling people this is very cringe, just so you know. People like what they like. Just leave it at that.

  8. yumyum

    Man what a whore, not for the faint of heart!

  9. Eroge

    There is no save folder, so i can’t save the game. And the view of Mayumi is missing. The half game is not there. Please fix

    • grevost

      Why u play this game man?The first part was torture already.Still I’m gonna play this one.The temptation is too much smh..

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