• Type:RPG
  • Tags:Fantasy, Combat, Rape, Group Sex, Tentacles
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 268.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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MARAGONQUEST is a BF game heavily based on the popular series DRAGON QUEST. It features various female versions of classic DQ Monsters with pseudo-animated scenes and skills during battle.

“Over 50 character/scene works with reimagined female versions of DQ1 monsters, plus more monsters and heroines from throughout the DQ series. Dragons and golems, evil soldiers, even the dragon king play roles in a grand tale. Of course you can expect events at the Chateau Ladutorm, puff puffs leading to the hot springs and bedtime frolics – don’t get caught! All the things you once fantasized about but the real game would never deliver…”


50+ Characters with CG/Scenes.

Various kinds of monster girls (and some normal ones too!)

Defeat themed H-Scenes

In battle H-Animations

No grinding required!

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Comments to “MARAGONQUEST”
  1. xgamex


  2. Lily


  3. Sophia


  4. Anonymous

    broken link

  5. Linda

    🍓LIVE Girls! LIVE Sex! Join FREE!🍓 –

  6. Kira

    😘This game is hardcore!😘 –

  7. Susan

    You will like it! – 🍓WWW.VEPO.PRO

  8. badgamer

    wheres that damn key for the doors

    • Lunice Elves

      (i suppose you spoke to everyone)
      If your problem is for wake up the golem, go in “rimuldar town”, you have an hiden path at the entrance (north and south along the wall, so 1 “case” before the exit), you’ll find a girl and a boy separated. and after a questin, speak again at the boy, he will say you when the instrument is . (sorry if i’ve a bad english)

  9. Hentai-kun

    you need to extract with WinRAR latest version. go to Option > Name Encoding > Japanese ANSI/OEM

  10. wjdwlsdud4282

    It’s not work

  11. jarod57340

    when i launch the game with the local emulator i have
    something maragonquest / game.datsomething
    error anyone can help me

  12. Uknown

    Anyone knows about the whole “MapData/½, ¢, E, è.mp s….” cause I don’t

    • DioBrando

      I got the same issue as you until I run with it with Japanese Locale with Locale Emulator

      • Uknown

        Did that already, quick question, is there a file that has that name that I can use? If not, I have run out of options to make it work.

  13. maxfury

    go to patreon site below the download bar there a patch about this game

    • stephen coleman

      i downloaded the patch from the patron account extracted and overwritten the file and it still doesn’t work

  14. EroKuro

    Can’t start the game, shows an error i can’t read :c

    • Bingeron

      Hmmm, I can launch it on your end. Try launching it in a Japanese locale maybe? If you don’t know how to do that, look it up. If that isn’t the solution, I’m lost.

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