Magical Girl Yuni Defeat!

Magical Girl Yuni Defeat!

  • Type:Action
  • Tags:Combat, Rape, Female P.
  • Language:EN/JP
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 210.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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Our heroine, Yuni Shirakawa was an ordinary first year student. That was until, she one day ended up with the powers of magic. Now able to transform into magical girl Yuni she will stand up
and fight against the forces of evil to protect the peace of humanity!

The setting is her academy, after it has been invaded by incubus! All the female students have lost rationality, slaves to pleasure and lust. Yuni must defeat the incubus boss if she is to save her classmates but… Can she really defeat such a tough opponent…?

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Comments to “Magical Girl Yuni Defeat!”
  1. xgamex


  2. Monica


  3. Elizabeth


  4. Susan

    😋Only 18+!😋 –

  5. Catrin

    😘You haven’t played this yet!?😘 –

  6. Dorothy

    1.Short mini battle: girls vs monsters
    2. The more damage the monster gets, the more the woman’s clothes are torn.
    3. Punch → Punch → Punch → High Kick → Jumping Kick → Evasion <-Repeat
    4. Clear a few times to open all recollections.
    5. I gave 8 out of 10 points.
    (Originally give 5 or 6 points, you can play the game more weird game called 'Uncovered Girl' and then you can evaluate the score.)

  7. yerferg

    It’s in japanese

  8. miseravi

    The game is receive fully english update in DLsite, if you can update the game here im will be gratifying.

  9. J

    the game’s untranslated, how can we unlock h-scenes? u’re unbelievable

    • Dorothy

      Lose or hit H.

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