Magic and Slash - Minarai Boukensha Lille no H na Daibouken

Magic and Slash – Minarai Boukensha Lille no H na Daibouken

  • Type:Action RPG
  • Tags:Big Tits, Combat, Female MC, Rape, Gangbang, Tentacles
  • Original title:マジック&スラッシュ
  • Length:10 - 30 hours
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:16 Jan, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 410.mb
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In this action RPG, you take control of the apprentice adventure Riru as her adventure begins. Fight monsters through forests, dungeons and more with swords and magic: strengthen Riru with treasure and abilities; then venture into the lair where the boss awaits!

8.04 (67) 12345678910
Comments to “Magic and Slash – Minarai Boukensha Lille no H na Daibouken”
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  2. Lena


  3. Susan


  4. Catrin

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  5. Maya

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    • Anonymous

      password for rar file?

    • Anonymous

      There’s a password on your file. Would you mind sharing with the rest of class?

    • Anonymous

      theres a lot of errors while trying to extract/open the game

  6. Anonymous

    dead link :c

  7. Name? What Name?

    link is still dead on mega

    • Anonymous


  8. misunfortune

    another broken link

  9. noobmaster69

    everyone should try it its sooo coool

  10. jack percy

    amazing game its the best

  11. MykoThePRo

    I need Unityplayer.dll for this it says. Can someone link me where to download it?

  12. bo

    i forgot, what will you keep after game clear and what will you lose?

  13. Wiinav

    Gameplay was insanely fun as a mage, especially making up new combos and teleporting around( mainly used the cold slow area spell and volcano for aoe kiting with teleport). The actual h scenes on the other hand weren’t amazing and to get most of the ones involving the MC you need an embryo item that drops randomly or from bosses. Overall, The gameplay was great 9/10( cause I didn’t play as a warrior ever) and the H was 6/10.

  14. Tinax

    gameplay kinda good for me but y’know (Those TAGS) NVM. (3.2/10) I hated this game.
    why I voted 3.2? : Because the artwork looks good. nothing more -,-

  15. Tinax

    -,- I will take a look…

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