Love & Sex: Second Base

Love & Sex: Second Base v19.7.3b

  • Type: ADV
  • Tags: Dating Sim, Romance, Seduction
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Release date: 27 Jul, 2019
  • Platforms: Android
Size: 128.mb
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Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.


-Go on dates with 7 different girls in 7 different places
-Send friendly, sexy or dirty texts to the girls
-Call the girls to know there location or just chat
-Talk about a dozen subjects or chat about nothing major
-Hang out at more than 20 locations
-Buy clothes and accessories to be more charming
-Go to work and earn money
-Get your girlfriend pierced or pregnant (or both)
-Use more than 55 activities
-Experience more than 70 events

5.71 (58) 12345678910

- New skill: Shooting
- Pregnancy, sexy swimsuit and collar for Aletta & Hanna
- 5 new CG
- 12 new story events
- New dialogues for Aletta, Audrey & Shiori
- Negative sub is now Sasha & Aletta only
- Fixes

- New girl: Alexis
- New art for Harmony
- 1 new sex CG
- 1 updated CG for Bimbo Sasha
- 8 new story events
- Fixes

- New gift: Yuri Manga
- 4 new story events
- 2 new sexy CG
- 1 updated CG for Bimbo Sasha
- Improved dialogues for Mike and Scottie (Bree's side)
- Improved dialogues for Anna (Mike's side)
- Fixed Bree's collar
- Shopping improve

Comments to “Love & Sex: Second Base v19.7.3b”
  1. skhenxui

    19.6.1b is out pls update

  2. AnonFapper

    It’s 19.5.3, not 19.5.4

  3. Villager

    19.5.3 is out, update please

  4. Anon

    I wait new version. Hurry

  5. Anonymous

    19.2.3* ?

  6. Anonymous

    12.2.3 ?

  7. Anonymous

    Wake up guys
    A new update is out !

    • Crimson DxD

      Lol this may sound like a stupid question and im really sorry about that but how do you update the game?

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