Little Braver [H-RPG]

Little Braver

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Defloration, Rape, Female MC, Prostitution, Mind Control
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Release date: 5 Apr, 2019
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 462.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

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Using the sword skills she learnt from her now deceased father, Fran heads to the Royal Capital in search of work. She joins the local guild, accepts quests and gains strength. But all is not well in the capital… the Queen Anrietta is facing trouble. As desires and illusion interweave with one another… what will happen to this country? A Quest Clearing Type Erotic RPG where a small girl will bravely stand up and fight!

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

8.33 (30) 12345678910
Comments to “Little Braver”
  1. fuck

    i cant launch the because the rpgvxace rtp

  2. Tok

    do you have more of anmitsuya games ? primal sphere for exaple ? from where i can download it free ?

  3. Dertze

    I am stuck at rank B I can not find the trigger of the last quest

  4. jasterx17

    what is the difference between naughty and lust stat do?

    • Neptune

      Well… The naughty stat is the way she reacts, and the lust is the stat that leave you do or dont do the H events. Hope you understand it now, have a good play :).

  5. Virgin Cumslut

    to the next quest

  6. nice11249

    After killing Medusa, where to go?

    • Virgin Cumslut

      to the next quest

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