Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Kamidori Alchemy Meister

  • Type:VN/RPG
  • Tags:Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Loli, Combat, Defloration
  • Original title:神採りアルケミーマイスター
  • Length:> 50 hours
  • Language:EN/JP
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 4.52 GB
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In the Setetori region of the southern part of the Raulbhach continent lies the Mikelti Kingdom, and amongst the seven major cities of this region is the workshop city of Yuidora. This is where a young orphan named Wilfred lives, pursuing his dream of becoming an alchemist. However, soon after gaining his license he gets entangled with three girls with differing personalities and goals, and he soon agrees to hire them as his guards in order to help each other out. Like this, Wil begins his life as an alchemist, surrounded by the ever growing group of his allies as he follows his parents’ footsteps in becoming a great alchemist.

9.60 (25) 12345678910
Comments to “Kamidori Alchemy Meister”
  1. Bred

    the download is ded, help

  2. Gummiel

    Is it even possible to win the tutorial dungeon on hard difficulty (on first run at least), seems I just die to the Greyhound in first combat round with it, even with full HP, and got the ring from the hidden chest too.
    I can win in normal no problem, but I generally don’t like to play hentai games on lower difficulties

  3. Tyrant

    could you make tutorial install,cause i can’t install it

    • TheBrokeNZ

      The Iso/Mdf is the CD you need to mount with Daemon tools. This is your first installer. The autorun/setup.exe in that CD needs to be launched with Japanese Locale or else you’ll only see egyptian hiroglyphs and of course it will get a critical error. Launch it in Japanese locale and you’ll be presented with 5 buttons. Click the 2nd button. Took me five tries but the 2nd button eventually showed me a install path choice. First 4 times it wanted to repair/uninstall or something. Just keep doing it until it shows you the option to choose a install path.

      Once you’re done installing the main game, go to the download folder where you’ve extracted everything and go into the KamidoriPatches folder. Install those three installers and of course with Japanese Locale. Once you’re done there, go back and go into the Kamidori 1_1 ENG folder. 121 items should be in there along with a folder and an english execution file. Copy paste everything into the main game install folder and you’ll be prompted with an overwrite verification. Hit yes and let it overwrite. Now that you’ve pasted everything click on that english execution file and launch it through Japanese Locale.

      Enjoy the game.

      PS: If you see random symbols instead of Japanese/Chinese symbols then you’ve not launched it in Japanese Locale.

  4. GothicLordTodd

    cant find the east asian language support its talking about in the readme file for the english patch

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