Kami no Rhapsody

  • Type:RPG/Strategy
  • Tags:Big Tits, Combat, Dark Skin, Harem, Group Sex, Yuri
  • Original title:神のラプソディ
  • Length:> 50 hours
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Release date:29 Dec, 2019
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 3.66 GB

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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The great plains of Kvarna spreads out from the border between the western part and the central plains of the Raulbash continent. This was the territory of the demi-humans who have resided here peacefully for thousands of years.

One time, the ‘Kami no Kaido’, the ruler of the southeastern plains who is close to God, declared that he would train a successor to inherit his immense power and knowledge. With those words, he opened the gates to the holy land, ‘Shrine of the End’ (Tsui no Goshi). The successor candidates were bestowed the privilege to explore the previously-sealed area and various abilities by the Kami no Kaido, to overcome the severe trials that lay before them.

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Comments to “Kami no Rhapsody”
  1. Flamey

    Hi, Anyone kjnow how to get this version upated with patch 1.01 fro eushully ? would be nice to have this english version with the updated patch.

  2. TheBrokeNZ

    I’ve played this for several hours and confirm it works like a charm. If you’ve tried launching the Age Patch exe and still didn’t work, try first re-downloading your locale emulator with it’s latest version. I once couldn’t play because of this.

    If it still didn’t work, re-download the game. Sometimes during the download something goes wrong and a file or two gets corrupted.

    I once had a much worse problem where i could not download a game on computer A without getting the game corrupted, but downloading on computer B was fine. Transferred the files to confirm the corruption and i couldn’t fix it without downloading it on computer B and then transfer the files via USB stick to computer A. Sometimes PC does the weirdest shit and requires janky solutions.

  3. BurnDhouse

    This is…THE most infuriating goddamn thing. Literally nothing works. I click the application files, normally or with japenese emulator, sometimes some weird shit I can’t read pops ups, i click yes and it does nothing, i click no and the game opens, or at least appears to. As soon as I click New Game and before a single sentence can be shown it crashes without fail. I’ve tried different website, different extraction apps, not a single goddamn one works.

  4. Tinax

    when I start new game its closes not even the charecter say a Word. how I can fix that

  5. welp

    to fix popup, go to eushully wiki, download the new AGE patch and run the game using it

  6. Sponge

    I’m posting this due to amount of comment’s of the game not working.
    For the game to work you need the locale on the computer to be on Japanese (Note: Ntleas will work but the text will be mushed together and misaligned; Your better off switch the windows local it’s self to japanese or local emulator.).
    And your computer needs Japanese supplemental fonts installed; The game is crashing due to this missing when you go to the ADV tab or starting a new game.

    • Luizmbjr

      work !!!!!!!

    • Nunya


      If you’re running windows 10, refer to this guide to download the japanese language pack. It’s hidden a bit, and I hadn’t had to worry about it in 18+ months of playing localized and fan translated VNs. Weird, but it worked. Thanks to Sponge for the next-level strats.

  7. nobo

    To those saying the game is broken or that it crashes constantly, try running the game from “AGE Patch.exe” instead of from “AGE.exe”. That fixed things for me, at least.

    • Neptune

      Already tried but nothing. with or without locale still doesn’t work

    • Nunya

      Same. Ran both exes in multiple keyboard inputs, in japanese date and time format with Japanese region. Game will run fine until you try to start a new game or go to ADV in options. As soon as it attempts to display any kind of ADV the game crashes.

  8. nano

    game doesn’t work

  9. Tinax

    when I open the game (with normal AND locale emulator) theres no problem but when I try to select start new game when charecter not even shows up a sentence game crash’s

  10. bo

    eushully game, worth to try i guess

  11. wintair

    while playing every 5 mins or so a pop up comes up to tell me to install the game. anyway to make this go away? clicking yes every 5 mins is very annoying.

    • jkmj

      That popup is so annoying. I read somewhere about a “NoMSGBox.exe” or something but I can’t get it due to a “Members only” kind of restriction. Not sure if that’s the solution to it though.

    • jkmj

      There is a “Data is broken, please reinstall…” patch at the eushully.fandom site that might be able to fix it though. You can try that.

  12. Rin

    Please help when i start the game its ok when i press new game it talks not even 1 sentence and crash!?

    • Neptunw

      Yeah i happens the same to me :-/

  13. Nunya

    Game crashes upon attempting to display ADV text or ADV menu in options. Any thoughts?

  14. Jcm

    Translation is not bad at all

  15. Neptune

    Well, I have seen it before on f79zone (i think was its name) and they transalted to english just the text but some menus may still be on japanese. Still, they publiced too some tutorial sheetss about it.

  16. Saichi

    How am I supposed to install it? Like, my folder is a lot of BIN and AGF files, what am I supposed to do?

    • Kinunatzs

      You don’t have to I guess from my experience with the format of ZAP & nekoHen thats the default format of their translation just search the launcher and your set to go anyway hows the accuracy of the translation is it readable?

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