Isekai Sex Life with the Kemo-mimi Girls that You Saved

Isekai Sex Life with the Kemo-mimi Girls that You Saved

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Big, Tits, Defloration, Pregnancy, Harem
  • Original title:助けたけもみみ娘たちとイチャイチャ
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Release date:30 Aug, 2019
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 631.mb
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After waking up in a foreign fantasy world, you are brought before a King who requests you set up an Otherworldly Cafe so that his citizens may partake in delicacies from another realm!

On the day of the restaurant’s grand opening, you encounter a sinister slaver corralling 2 animal-eared girls in the street and you spend the money you were planning to use for ingredients to save the 2 girls instead!
While the two girls are free to do as they please now that they are free, they really don’t have anywhere else to go as people treat the demi-humans quite poorly, you end up offering them jobs at your restaurant. As the three of you work together and deepen your bonds, enjoy a fluffy tail of comfy romance between yourself and your adorable coworkers in the Catgirl & Doggirl Cafe!

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Comments to “Isekai Sex Life with the Kemo-mimi Girls that You Saved”
  1. Lynn

    Please… Fix the link :)

  2. Ryuuto

    link still not fixed. shame I was looking forward to this game after reading the desc

  3. Lynn

    Link is down, please fix it!!

  4. Please

    link is down

  5. arbia

    Link is broken

  6. sekk

    murio el link

  7. hen

    does it really contain pregancy?

  8. danhydrly11

    This is just the best, vanilla nukige, the sex scenes where actually fucking good. The art is surely amazing.

  9. danhydrly11

    This seems promissing, I always wondered how would it be to run a cafe, hope I can learn to make some delicious cakes! Can’t wait to put this in practice in my real life!

  10. Tinax

    this shit is good


  11. askldjalskdjl

    now isekai has infiltrated h too

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