• Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Suspense, Male protagonist, Story-driven, Femdom
  • Original title:ハピメア
  • Length:30 - 50 hours
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 3.04 GB
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After an accident in his youth, Tooru Naitou began to have nothing but lucid dreams. Always being aware of when he’s dreaming meant that his mind could no longer rest when he was asleep. Only when he collapsed from utter exhaustion does he finally get a reprieve.

Lucky for him, he has a childhood friend, Saki, who insists on calling him ‘Nii-san’ that tries to do what she can to support him. In his science club, his senpai Yayoi is endlessly amused by his awkward way of living. And he has an underclassman, Keiko, who likes to sing in front of the station and likes to call him weird for his less than normal attitude towards life.

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Comments to “Hapymaher”
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  6. MrQuestion

    Are sex scenes animated ?

  7. ken

    I’m unable you access the Extras option. I’ve cleared one of the routes and its still not available

  8. EroKuro

    It seems it has a fan disk, where the Yuuko route is more developed, i want it so baaaaaaaaaaaad.
    The game was really cool tho, i loved the characters and the story, the soundtrack was good too.
    I simply loved the game

  9. tommyguncraig

    I fixed the issue by going into the key config and unticking the use a joy pad option

  10. tommyguncraig

    having an issue, i’m unable to click anything when starting the application so i’m stuck in the menu. Anyone having the same issue or have a solution for this issue. thx

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