Gran Ende 2

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Combat, Dark Skin, Male MC, Fantasy
  • Original title: Gran Ende II
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Release date: 23 Nov, 2019
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 151.mb
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In the middle of his journey, the protagonist arrives in a small village.
When he gets into a forest of Elves to collect mushrooms in order to earn his travel expenses, his kismet shows a sign of change.

With an Elven girl by the name of Juno accompanying, he heads to a suburban city “Valnista”.
Having known nothing about the world outside of the forest of Elves, Juno is to obtain various experiences and knowledge throughout the adventure with the protagonist.
Up ahead in the distance is……​

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Comments to “Gran Ende 2”
  1. NoobAvenger

    Bless the vanilla gods this one is so wholesome

  2. Aatroxneko

    And the first one?

  3. Devil

    Guys, please help. I can’t save the game and even load it

  4. Tinax

    ”Male MC” and there’s aren’t have any symbol of cuckold or ugly bastards

    • RPGMakerfan

      It’s a christmas miracle !

    • Hevensdragon

      only thing that bugs me is the “2” in the name, got to look for 1 first now

      • Avenger Shirou

        Gran Ende 1 is on F95Zone if you want. But you play a Girl. It’s a classic Porn RPG where you go to an adventure and finish wrong or good depending of your choices to trigger event or not and depending of your money.

      • Avenger Shirou

        And there is one character in common. (it’s in the same world I think) The Blond girl with twin tail seem to be in the first game as well. (don’t know if it’s the same world and the same girl or if the guy who made the first game just like this “skin” and re-use it for the second game)

    • Avenger Shirou

      No cuckold ??? You are sure about that? Sorry guy, but cuckold, it’s in the other way as well. Cuckold is not only about female cheating on male… But also about male cheating on female… the MC can cheat by doing other girl. So, there is cuckold/NTR.

      • Lerkin

        That’s called netori, not NTR/netorare… the difference? The MC is the MC, not Yuno.

        Also, it’s more like, they fall for the MC but they know he has Yuno, but hey, fantasy world, harem is a must because adventurers can die easily, so they need to procreate like madlads.

        Anyway, Yuno best girl. Must PROTECC.

        *The game duration is like 10-15 h
        *When they make you name the MC press A to delete the name ”Protagonist” and use the one you like.
        *F1 can help you turn the Full screen.

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