Four Elements Trainer

Four Elements Trainer v0.9.2c [Android]

  • Type: ADV
  • Tags: Parody, Corruption, Exhibitionism
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Release date: 31 Mar, 2021
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
Size: 559.mb
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Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games all united into one. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of (fuckable!) characters, quests, stories, fights, and mysteries to unlock.?

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Changelog (v0.9):

this is the start of the love route for book 4! that means you can spend more time in this world?! with korra?! anything could happen! you might have nice moments! or be yelled at!

just start book 4 and once you get presented with the choice to pick the slave or love route, pick love!

it's an introduction build so it's hardly overflowing with steamy sex scenes. those are for when we pick up the pace along the way. still there's some of that in there.

you won't be able to miss anything in this build so just keep playing until you've reached the "under development" sign.

Comments to “Four Elements Trainer v0.9.2c [Android]”
  1. bruh456

    where does the story end so far in book 4 love route in this current version?

  2. fleur

    when is book 4 love route ready i get stuck on day 11

    • jakeie

      you gotta go to the gate fam i got stuck too but talk to shady outside the gate

  3. Ryan Shadpoor

    Is this the most current version of the game and how will I tell when it uploads?

    • Rndva

      Yess just download ane enjoy

  4. Kar

    Link removed, pls gimme a new one

  5. greyrat

    Anyone know where the save files for android are?

  6. bob

    when is the update that continues the Korra romantic path going to be released? It’s really interesting tbh and I really wanna continue it. ngl.

    • Totallyanoob

      Well on their patreon page they said that FET will be on haitious cause the writer of the game is having some issues and well we might have to wait and pray boys

      • CrazeXgame

        Damn seriously and I was really excited for it to update

      • bob

        damn it. that sucks.

    • Rndva

      Its hear just download the latest version bro

      • jakeie

        is it the full version because im stuck in the swamp with ikki and jinora after we get the poison out of korra

  7. Bubbles

    Shoot, finally finished and actually teared up when it was over…

  8. Boons

    The mega link is broken. Please fix it or provide a different one

    • Rndva

      Download mega app then download

  9. Kaif Nihar

    The mega lonk is broken please provide another link

  10. Boi

    The download link is unavailable please fix this

  11. CrazeXgame

    When is the next update pls o beg you when

  12. AirSupply

    what is the meaning of under development sign?

  13. fuk yu

    fucking mega only download!

  14. Totallyanoob

    Go to Mitty’s patreon page they got 0. 9.7d

    • Boi

      Do they? I mean for free I see only 8.7d but I know Patrons have the newer update but that new! I don’t think so.

  15. Dayton

    WHEN IS THE NEXT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Boi

      A few days ago

  16. KAHLIL

    Please reduce Cora’s chest size

    • wackotabacko

      Yeah their breast seems a little unnatural, nothing wrong with it though; just my personal taste lmao

      • KAHLIL

        When will the next update be downloaded, please respond quickly

  17. KAHLIL

    I hope for development as soon as possible

  18. Android lover

    Is the link broken? Stuck at 35%

  19. tadachi

    Does it work on android 4.4 (kat kit)?

  20. Chicken

    Hi im already in book4 and chose love route and reached the “under dev” sign could you tell me what to do now??

    • Skandu29

      Wait for the next update

      • Chicken

        When tho??

  21. Sandman

    so i downloaded the file and it’s an ‘APK’… what do i do with this…? run it with daemon tools or something?

    • Sandman

      oh this is mobile only, i guess?

    • Boi

      It’s says platforms: Android. As in APK

  22. Janitha

    This is my 2nd a long time සුපිරී

  23. AkB

    its not downloading

  24. The1TruePlug

    App not installed / please help, I’d like to play the updated version

  25. John

    How do I launch the game from mega

  26. Lokman

    Is this game offline?

    • muf57


  27. Iman

    Is this a game we should chose the way???

  28. Suhas

    Game not loading

  29. Tristan

    how do i download this game on my ipad?

    • Android

      You dont.. toss it in the trash and get a android

    • bruh


    • Young thug

      This nigga using his fucking iPad lmao nigga need to be discreet use a smaller fucking device nigga

  30. mavo

    how do i launch the game from my laptop, its a windows

  31. Xavier

    Being an avatar last airbender fan and this being the first game I installed that were from this site (cuz I love avatar) this is beautiful. I enjoyed my journey so far. First I took love route and currently on my slave route in fire nation. No other complaints but the long loading screen. That is all. This game is awesome.

  32. Jimmy

    Im stuck at the airship after i help korra get his powers back..and then what? All place i click and it said “under development” hmm..

    • ekoy

      updated na bro

  33. Totallyanoob

    When was this last updated? I played 8.5c not long ago and on the oatreon page mitty heqvent realsed the latest one for public yet.

  34. Bee

    If you stuck at loading, wait until 10 minute, if still stuck try install it, use SAI installer

    • Bee

      And wait until 10 minute again, my device not get stuck anymore after us SAI installer, if still stuck maybe your device not compatible,

      • Arthur

        What is sai istaller?


      how? idk how, lol

      • Arthur


  35. Janitha

    පට්ට බාන්

  36. Superman

    Im sorry but, i stucked at the first loading screen, fixed it please

  37. Lando

    when engaging crab battle in Ba Sing Se somehow my game get stuck with so many bug text in it, and i can’t progress since then :(

    • Meru

      Is there an option “ignore” in it?

  38. Yweyee

    The game awesome. Just after the water tribe I get stuck at fire and idk how to get past it. I did all the military stuff. Got max amounts of cows. I fucked all the girls I’m aloud. And I also defeated the spirit. But it won’t let me leave even after I have the one princess become my slave. How do I leave?

    • Nima

      Go to the tower at night time.

  39. Leo

    It won’t let me enter my name and continue for some reason? How can I fix it?

  40. John

    App is broken, it’s stuck at the come visit me blogspot link

  41. Xeron

    I can’t play it, it stuck at loading

    • Boi

      For me it takes like 3-5 minutes to load in, so wait 5 minutes and see if it loads

  42. Kidalar

    Link is broken

    • Wooz


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