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Fan Translation Patch Now Available for Maki Fes!

22nd April, 2017 2330421

An English fan translation patch has just been released for the parody eroge Maki Fes!

If you’re an obsessive fan of Love Live!, you may be aware that April 19th is Maki Nishikino’s birthday. To celebrate, a group called “Bueeh?! Translations, Though” created an English translation patch for GRAND † CROSS’ parody title, Maki Fes! In this eroge, you help inspire Maki’s musical talents through the power of sex.

Now, for a bit of info about Maki Fes!:

You are [insert your name here], an ordinary high school student, except you’ve got Love Live’s Maki herself wrapped around your big dick in all her tsundere glory. One day she calls you to the music room, asking you for inspiration for a new tune. Unfortunately, you’re not very good at music. Fortunately, you are very inspiring in bed.

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Maki Fes! is for Windows only. You can find the game itself at DLsite for ?1,620 (approximately $14.87 USD). You can find v1.00 of the patch here at the page set up by the group that did the fan translation. The following instructions have been included for help with installation: (credit: LewdGamer)

Apply the patch

This is a quick tutorial for newbs on how to apply the patch.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest patch
  • replace the files in your installation folder of Maki fes with the patch files!
  • don’t you dare to delete or change anything else!
  • start the game
  • Recommended font: MS ????
  • Recommended option: continue voice on click
  • ???
  • profit