Damedame na Boku ni Maiorita Zen Koutei Mama Megami!

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Big Tits, Milf, Male MC, Exhibitionism, Nukige, Urination
  • Original title:ダメダメなボクに舞い降りた全肯定ママ女神!
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Release date:13 Sep, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 404.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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The protagonist, Tada Sasaburo, is a student applying for a school.
Unfortunately, he didn’t pass the exam for the second time
He will be a ronin again this year……His heart is broken once again
But the heavens heard his cry!
A busty motherly Goddess descended to rescue Sasaburo!​

6.20 (64) 12345678910
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