Break! The Rematch

Break! The Rematch Part 1 [Android]

  • Type:Visual Novel
  • Tags:Big Tits, Corruption, Harem, School, Romance
  • Original title:Break! The Rematch
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:9 Nov, 2019
  • Platform:Android
Size: 424.mb
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Young College student Shinn Akatsuki returns to his high school as a tutor for the under-performing students who are bad at mathematics, at the apparent request from the principal. Although an impeccable and courteous man on the outside, Shinn hides a very dark side to him: as part of his unending perversion, he enjoys seeing girls getting “mind broken” by him. Never satisfied before, however, he discarded his past victims. But now, Shinn decides to create his own “Sex Slaves”, and with these dark thoughts in mind, and selects the candidates he considers “ideal” as he become acquainted with the school. On the first part of the series, it will feature the milf looking Rina Akiyama who is the school’s disciplinary teacher. Touko Takatsukasa, the cool star of the basketball team. Aina Aozaki, the star of the swimming team who is always cheerful and lastly, Ritsuko Yasuhiro. The tennis star player who is rich and spoiled. Along the way, Shinn will discover their dark secret and will use it everyway to exploit them as much as he could!

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    • Anonymous

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  3. Katrin

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  5. Sabine


  6. Klpkhan

    Part 2 is available. but you have to buy it

  7. DOM

    I like it. It’s nice to finally have an MC that knows how to dominate and break in the bitches. I just wish there was more content. More girls, more training scenes, more kinky and extreme stuff. All in all still good. Giving it a 7/10.

  8. Pornhub for Kids

    I hope there Making Part2 This game is a masterpiece The art Love it and lots of

  9. Chichir

    Just finished downlaoding the game and I can’t find the application which is used for lauching the game anyone have the same problem?

  10. Boi

    Is there a part 2

    • Loo

      Just to let you know that I have been working on the project management project for sex years

  11. Blackwell

    Does anybody know if they’re working on part 2?

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