Book 5: Untold Legend of Korra [Android]

  • Type: ADV
  • Tags: Corruption, Exhibitionism, Femdom, NTR, Prostitution
  • Language: English
  • Censorship: Uncensored
  • Release date: 23 Sep, 2020
  • Platforms: Android
Size: 562.mb
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A adult game based on “Legend of Korra”. Game set on time after Korra opened spirit portal in republic city. I have made up the story mostly with the anime characters plus some extra characters (for additional fetishes).

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Comments to “Book 5: Untold Legend of Korra [Android]”
  1. sk1doo

    Definitely one of the best if not the best game i’ve ever played. It’s similar to Orange Trainer with its cool story, art style and characters. I mean, there are a lot of references to original story of Korra like references to Old Republic in Orange Trainer. I totally liked it as a big fan of both these universes and I really hope that author will make another game like this. And of course I will advise it to every man who like good story, awesome scenes and funny humour. It’s still a porn game but I enjoyed it like a normal game.

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