Avaria: Chains of Lust

  • Type:RPG
  • Tags:Big Tits, Combat, Corruption, Group Sex, Female MC
  • Original title:Avaria: Chains of Lust
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:24 Jul, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 1.01 GB
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The mining town of Arden is in panic as more miners and villagers are reported missing.

With a lack of support from the kingdom and adventurers that are unable to help, the situation grows direr. All hope seems lost until Camille Bellfont, The eldest daughter to the well known Bellfont family, decides to take care of the matter herself. Though all isn’t what it appears to be within Arden as Camille beings to investigate the truth behind the matter.

Will she become the savior of this small town? Or drown in its catastrophe like the others before her?​

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  8. ななし

    Please upload to another site because the upload destination has trouble and cannot be dropped. X-<

  9. m4a

    i wont lie, i edited the file so i oneshot everything cuz fights were getting boring, other than that art is fine as fuck, could have more scenes and maybe turning full lewd mode even when talking to strangers. I enjoyed the game and i strongly recommend playing.

  10. Please

    link is broken

  11. idgaf

    download link’s fucked.

  12. Kanye West

    While levels are important, you can escape fights by pressing x at the menu when you first initiate an encounter. Levels I don’t think are so important for stats as they are for skills. For boss fights just level up enough until you unlock the morale boost and multi hit and then you can kill pretty much anything and everything at the same time with 3 turns of multi hits. I cant say I minded the combat because I just ran away from most fights to get to the end of the dungeon, but as soon as I got to dungeon 3?4? you have to defeat slimes at the end and collect their crystals but it always resulted in a softlock. you collect the crystals on the ground and you cant leave the room unless you have a teleportation crystal. Even if you use one, you just have to go back to collect them again because something is wrong? you cant teleport directly to the room because it results in a softlock so you have to use the second teleporter, go all the way through the dungeon again and get a softlock with extra effort. Ill see if it is avoidable by not teleporting there directly in the first place but good god, the comments here are right. nearly 1 hour of grinding just for a lackluster hentai scene too short to bust to, then another hour of grinding to get another lackluster scene. The only scene I can see myself actually getting off to due to the length of is working at night or just sleeping until night.

  13. Zane

    Thanks, I fucking hate it. Super slowass start, combat hard, long, too basic and boring, no flee option so win or game over, weaklings already hit hard at the first map, have to grind to kill weaklings effectively because NO FLEE OPTION, leveling up barely makes any difference, map 2 is where I quit because I have to grind even more in order to survive and process the story. It’s not the enemy is hard, it’s the gameplay that feels nothing but boredom and mood kill. The pros are art and sound, so imma go to pornhub and watch it instead

  14. Odhy

    how to play it?
    i got fatal error, error reading application id. please either write it to steam_app.id.txt or use the launcer

  15. nobody

    I played this for about an hour and was not impressed. To start the story was pretty uninteresting. The main character had one trait: she holds herself high and has self respect: five minutes later she is sucking goblin dick for no reason, completely contradicting her character. I am okay with this though because this is a hentai game and I want to see some hentai. But every other scene I saw was a copy paste and boring scene with little buildup, and boring climaxes. As for the gameplay, the combat is hard, and there is no way around it. The pattern I was beginning to see was “go fight monsters, then go to a side quest with a boring hentai scene, then go fight again” The combat is boring, and rather difficult, requiring you to grind against easier monsters to level up and make fights easier, but who wants to do that? Now maybe my initial impressions were completely wrong and the game does a 180 after I quit, but I was too bored to keep playing. On the brightside though, there is potential here. The art style is good, and I didnt come across any bugs.

    • Hm…

      And this game is still beta, or v0.2 i think. This just release recently.

    • Hm…

      i mean day 1

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