• Type:RPG
  • Tags:Animated, Big Tits, Combat, Rape, Group Sex, Harem
  • Original title:Apostle
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Uncensored
  • Release date:8 Nov, 2019
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 970.mb

One night in the year 2015, the moon turned the color of blood. Monsters began to appear, slaughtering and devouring people. These monsters became known as “Magna”.

In a final act of desperation to destroy the Magna threat, humans turned to their last resort… nuclear weapons. This day became humanity’s “Day of Judgement”.

50 years pass with no sign of the Magna, and the fear that once gripped the world has faded into a distant memory.

However, that veil of peace is about to end…

8.50 (76) 12345678910
Comments to “Apostle”
  1. sjsj

    no save

  2. link

    dead link :(

  3. AnonJH12

    I’m stuck… After leaving Masaru in the nurse’s room where do I go to continue the story? Can anyone please help

  4. Arthur

    How sleep? Fuck i am crazy

  5. happosai

    file down TT

  6. palifar

    dead link please reupload

  7. ANGRYfool

    FUCK this game sure its hot art, but who finds it hot to walk into an area spot three girls happily getting fucked only for them to be murdered before your eyes, yes I get it, I possibly fucked up and went to the other area before running to the church, but I’m not going back just to see that if I went to the church first I could have saved them its still the fact that in order to see three girls enjoy a dick they need to die HELL NO I will keep supporting the artist but this game can stay in the trash for me the rest of you enjoy what you can out of it

    • Social Injustice Goblin

      Nana and Akari said to you when you depart for the quest to not go in other area and go straight to the church. It’s the price you pay for seeing 3 girls raped… … …

      And… It’s better to save them anyways… Since you can fuck them afterward if you save them and get 3 entire scene… And they give you materials to craft Illumina each time you do them…

  8. ellyos

    is there any recommended game like this? if it is possible, please male MC. i dont really like FMC game where i defeat monster and crafting things, so i can get fucked by random guy. (except for The Great Thunder-Steel Raiouger, NTR is good)

  9. Ben

    Nice game..only oversize/insane boobs spoiled my mood..keep it up

    • Social Injustice Goblin

      Captain Takeda FOREVER! :)

  10. RPGMakerfan

    RPG Maker MV game huh…
    I really want to like it, I really love the sprites and the artstyle, but the errors, the out of nowhere black screen, game suddenly closing, makes it hard to enjoy.
    Any idea how to resolve those problems ?

    • RPGMakerfan

      Nevermind, I just had to use the recomended parameters and be careful about not using too much RAM.
      MV is such a bad tool.

      Despite this, I find the game quite fun, the sprites are great, the art is incredible, the dungeons can be rather bothersome after a while if you want everything. There’s was obviously quite a lot of work put in this game.
      A tip, don’t hesitate to sleep in class so you can have more WP. You also gain an equipment for classes that you choosed 5 and 10 times.

      A good game all in all. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see more Kamichichi. They reference Harem Fantasy.

  11. ladyL

    despite the oversized bust size. i think this game is fine. the dungeons arent TOO long but can be repetitive. the harem is your usual dere types. art is fantastic. the girls are likeable and arent like SUPER perverted where a needless H content that doesnt make any sense and doesnt occur every time you talk to them.

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