Almastriga [Download]

Almastriga v21.2

  • Type:Action
  • Tags:Animated, Big Tits, Bestiality, Combat, Female MC, Tentacles
  • Original title:Almastriga
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Release date:2 Oct, 2019
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 174.mb
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Almastriga is a classic metroidvania game where you play as Jane, a cursed woman at odds against a great evil that wants to use her as a vessel to cross into the world’s dimensional plane and take it over. However, Jane quickly realizes the curse isn’t all bad.
Do you have what it takes to help Jane withstand evil’s lure and rid herself of her curse before it’s too late?​

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  1. Stephanie


  2. Mia

    😍Hot girls looking for sex😍 –

  3. Erika

    🍓Are You Over 18? Then You Absolutely Must Try This game!🍓 –

  4. Krista

    😍Only 18+!😍 –

  5. Doctor Dick

    That link doesnt work. Corrupt file

  6. heftswe

    Version heavily outdataed, latetest public release here:

  7. ryu chan

    how to play this game??

  8. Toskey

    download page sais 403 Forbidden

  9. KarasuTsuki

    How do u take dmg? I cant get any scenes without taking dmg i suppose..

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