Airheaded Sister

Airheaded Sister

  • Type:RPG
  • Tags:Big tits, Corruption, Incest, Male MC, NTR
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Mosaic
  • Release date:8 Oct, 2020
  • Platform:Windows
Size: 40.mb

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!

Guide (Windows 10)
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Set erotic traps for your little sister to turn her into a nymphobitch.

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Comments to “Airheaded Sister”
  1. User*

    Is there a way to play on android? like using a simulator app? and can any of you send me a link to this app

    • Anonymous

      to my knowledge there isnt a windows emulator for android and if there was no phone would be powerful enough to run it

  2. xgamex


  3. Mary


  4. Sarah


  5. Stephanie

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  6. Linda

    😄Are You Over 18? Then You Absolutely Must Try This game!😄 –

  7. Kathrin

    😋Try This Sexy Game😋 –

  8. notme

    RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game

    • BruhMomento

      same here

  9. Bean

    EZ fix, all you have to do is rename the folder!!

    • Sam

      I made the folder, but from where to find game, there are only files

  10. BURNIN

    i can’t even open the fil;-;
    How do i?

  11. Hent

    It only downloads the audio. I need help…

  12. noname

    I find some solution

    first change folder name japaness to english.

    And, if you see the sentence “RPGVXace RTP is required to run this game.” when running the game, download RPGVX from the official website.

  13. Hay

    Unable to find VL gothic font :(

    • Lihn

      Okay so, here’s the solution that I Found. The game doesn’t have all the necessary folders to run smoothly. So you need a game of the same rpg version. Copy over the necessary folders/items to this game.

      However, for this game change the name of the folder with the Japanese characters (the folder that has the game). Ones you do that take that folder out of the folder its in.

      If everything went well then the game should run.

      The game I downloaded that help its called “The Artifact”.
      Here’s the link:

      I found this on a post on f9zone.
      Here’s the link :

    • Lihn

      God Speed

  14. cloovie

    if you get the virus error just move the game files out of the japanese folder and it will be fixed

    • NUT

      thnk bruh u save my life ;V

  15. VCP

    For anyone having issues, use this and copy and paste the files into the game files:

    I’m still getting errors though (System\RGSS300.dll could not be found) but I fixed the corrupted game issue.

    • TCC

      Quando coloca a RGSS300.dll volta a dar o erro de virus novamente.

  16. FuckingFucker

    Error. what bugged game. corruption file it have, why error I?

    • Someone

      Rename the main game folder to english, the game should work properly…

  17. Adripromethean

    corrupted pls fixed

    • Someone

      Rename the main game folder to english, the game should work properly…

  18. ALD

    Ho no,I just found,you have to move the game file into a “normal’ folder without the strange/japanese character,they making bug the game

    • VCP

      What ALD works better though apparently.

  19. ALD

    File corrupted,can you corrected that ?

    • Someone

      Rename the main game folder to english, the game should work properly…

  20. enzo

    i have problems with the game,say have virus or something like that and don’t is true

    • Someone

      Rename the main game folder to english, the game should work properly…

      • Someone 2

        doesnt work even i renamed it.

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